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2010 Singles


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August 17, 2010
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:) Great Single...Love it

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ya hear me trouble man

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im back should be on trouble man to make it a 10/10

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this is a bad song and i like the movie takers and it is a bad movie i watch that the movie all the time and i watch the show that him and tiny got it is a great show.. it shows that he is a family man that he loved his wife and kids and that he will kill anybody over his family in it is a good thing to see back and doing wat he does make good music and the shows coming and making good money over his group and that is a good thing like forever

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"I'm Back" is one of my All-Time favorites by this artist.

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my name is shirley do brazil i love the king!!

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TM2 - Trap Muzik 2: Trouble Man

Thats what T.I. should call his upcoming album

Ya heard that?!!!! T.I. Grand hustle Atlantic Records take notes:::::::::::::::

TM2 - Trap Muzik Vol. 2: Trouble Man

2012 take that shit back to the days of 2003

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Salute from Mixxmasters Entertainment Nairobi Kenya, am happy that you are Back cuz ur di King

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I' M BACK......... IM FEELIN THAT MY NICCA........ GOOD LOOKIN OUT FOR THA MOVATION ! KEEP YA HEAD TO THA SKY HOMIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE.....................

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im super excited to hear some new stuff hope your doing ok love you tip

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Yea Nice

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Recognize IM BACKK (Eastside Salute) to ya KING of da South

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cant wait to see you back in action

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for T.I more strong among us hahahahah Tujah Mafia

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for me T.I more strong among us

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Mmmm damn!!! If you've never heard of a hot rapper maybe you should start listening to T.I.

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T.I. is a BEAST!

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here in my country, if T.I is isn't famous here yet!.. I'm gonna spreaD HIS NAME HERE!!....
fuck, who is hatin on this nigga TIP, you betta stop hatin haters cuz u can't do anything! just fall back and keep it low, cuz if you don't i'm gonna get your lame ass punk! haha!.. TIP goes hard!

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keep the shyt comin big homie and cnt wait to hear ur return

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err track of yours is still new to me naggahhhhh

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T.I.P,is not a swagger naggah but he is a real gangster so all you hatters better fall back other wise im rather gonna come after you & when i do you will not like me aight!!!!!

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Real nigga speaking:Mane dis brother b rappin some real shit on B.O.S

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T.I. King Of South .... Cant stoop bumping Your Song .... Old & New .... All master piece Period

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when we talking about TI niggas we mean good music and aspiring rap ,so y'all hear ma rap icon TI

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life is if you ever change help a person but you keep hart in the rigth and to path and see they and can do any thing or things maybe not be same hope stay with you weather path you may do so ever ever give up on family YOU NOT FEEL THE BUT YOU HAVE TO PUT TIME in and show them that you keep hope in your hart this what this song mean this is a hot song so of that year and still this 2011 i love TI AND STILL THE HERE THEM HOPE YOU EVER LOOK BACK THAT WHAT TI MEAN TO ME JAY AKA MEAN JUSTIN