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2010 Singles


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August 17, 2010
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KingZ's picture

Ya you know (takers) is good song T.I. is rolling on faith skill and luck + money

Pherreira's picture

King For All Time arryrday all Day, king Of Brazil ! Pherrér Talk man, For Real !

KingZ's picture

T.I. has showed me the way to your heart in all way and how to pursue your dreams no matter what. I think T.I. has shown that he live in everyones hearts forever and i will always believe in him. Too bad him and Tameka are in jail but they will come back as useleel so yeup you can see dat they will always live on. SOUTHSIDEKINGZ all day everyday all day so get up and dance!!!!!

J-Boi#1's picture

T.I. IS THE GREATEST RAPPER (HANDS DOWN) BUT HIS NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

J-Boi#1's picture

I LOVE DIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.I. is my FAVORITE rapper and ALWAYS has been sicnce i was a little child I WILL ALWAYS like him and LOVE his music no matteer what people say about him or what he goes through he has INSPIRED A (YOUNG) 13 year old ENTREPRENUER LIKE MYSELF SO T.I. i would LOVE to do BUSSINESS with you in the present or near future.

Shahida Loves T.I. King :D's picture

Long Live The King :D

H.T's picture

Hands Down T.I we all Human we got ur back 100% we will keep the Movement No mercy Coming Out December 7th I know ama Hustle ma copy....

Teresa's picture

Hey, we're all human man!!! Don't sweat the small s***! We love you regardless, T.I. and we're 100% behind ya. WE GOT YOUR BACK!!! Keep on, "King of the South"!!!!


M.87's picture

Possibly THE best rapper today in jail or not!!!

BabyImmaStar's picture

grand hustle PIMP

day's picture

good music.

Chris Brown - Dark phantom (movie trailer)

Trey Songz - Fan appreciation (movie trailer)

alpha beta (tell a friend)



Jamil's picture

No Mercy is gonna go HARD!

Nicholas Kitenge's picture

Just came out of jail now he's back or his going back in for 11 month no matter what im still gonna rep Grand Hustle to the Fullest. From King Uncaged to No Mercy. T.I Keep Your Head Up It in't Your Fault T.I You Just Being Human-Get Back Up T.I Ft Chris Brown

vinyard's picture

Well now that rapbasement clarified that he is going back to jail again at same jail. All i know now is that he is in jail for 11 months in the slammer and its no longer gonna be king uncaged, is gonna be called no mercy

Big T's picture

this album delayed soo many times
dont get me wrong
but the album at least needs a release date

king-ivs's picture

T.I. says that it gonna be 27th october at the axe show of him but that's tomorrow i don't believe it , i just hope that it will be tomorrow

vinyard's picture

Well, according to today, T.I. will not be charged!!! So hopefully we will see that album droppin out soon, cuz i really wanna listen to it

k l p t s's picture

I Agree!. TIP our man but we gotta know when the album gonna drop!

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crissy9's picture

love it!:)

Miss Carrie Baby's picture

so whats going on with all the preordered king uncaged cds?!?! Tip needs to tell us whats going on with his album and let his fans know whats going on!! i love him but this is ridiculous, king uncaged was suppose to come out in august!

caleya green's picture

I like this I think they Mood in harmony was good.

lawanda Williams Morris's picture

I love you and will be RIDE for YOU until YOU DECIDE TO QUITE!!!!!!!!!LOVE YA ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!

Damian_2's picture

Everybody makes mistakes isn't anyone perfect, with God with you who can be against you, hold your head live one day at a time thats all we can do. Before you know it 11 months will be gone out the window, be easy and don't let this get you down.

es011's picture

your the only person who gives us real music!!
11 months isnt that bad..keep your head up!
dont let them haters get you down..your the one we call king!

PAPPL's picture

did they really cancel it??

jay nike's picture

Yeah its official we will never get King Uncaged?

Angelo's picture

The King Uncaged will be in the next year because T.I. is going to the jail ;(

Big T's picture

wat happened to king uncaged ???????