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2010 Singles


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August 17, 2010
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gilles245's picture

Pourquoi est-il marqué New music au lieu de King Uncaged?

Mike7Mike's picture

Don't worry King your true Fans wont leave your side. keep your head up We will be waiting.

PAPPL's picture

release date yet??

Big T's picture

t.i.p tha king
he messed up again
fuck dat !
hes gonna make us proud again !
100% sure of it
we behind u 4eva king
we waitin for the album !

Vanessa_4's picture

well tha sucks for u going back to jail well bye im not buying yur cds every again so deuces bitches

*King A*'s picture

King back in jail again 11mths dam...Going to miss you again King.

PAPPL's picture

whens the album dropping???

vrbowlin's picture

I no fo real I cant wait. I hope he gets out this mess he is in. We need some real music back in the game and I dont want to wait any longer.

Mike7Mike's picture

Cant wait till the drop...stay good King!!!

Bird's picture

Bumpin I'm Serious Album till new album drop.

king back's picture

like i said tho at beginning of this post around.. supposed talk of the album coming out on october 21 or 24 something? wether it does come out at that time or not will be great..

Big T's picture

gonna be the best !

stillking's picture

keep it kings up kali latin kings

bweezyonthetrack's picture

that's right he wont rush it cuz he's not gona put somethin out he aint proud of if it aint ready to go, itll be worth the wait promise that. his best album ever is on the way

.Cip's picture

man t.i. dont rush shit u tha king. u got this U HEAR ME!!!

Big T's picture

@Pappl, no date yet
i dunt think he'll release this album until he finds out what if he'll go back to prison or not

PAPPL's picture

any release date yet?

ferneynal's picture

T.I presente en colombia el mejor cantante de rap (espero con grandes espectativas este cd)
the best

KingZ's picture

hope yo stay on top bro! i bet no hateas will keep on hatin

ashnicole22's picture

i really want this cd!!!

Ambers_funhouse's picture

Please tell me you aint get locked down again, man, I heard a nasty rumor down here in Miami, and I wanna squash it for real...let me know. Lovin the new songs, every time I hear my boy I beat the block down! Hit me back...

<<t.i>>(luv u)'s picture

Please does anyone know when is the release date for king uncaged??I can't wait nomore !!

jkraynak26's picture

I want to Know if im gettin my album or if im gettin my 60 bones back for the preorder bro holla

devontesk8time's picture

this man influenced me to be the person i am today and everything he does i support, the big homie tip is the fuckin king and hes triumph has motivated me to strive and hustle hard to the top.

D-man3's picture

Vancity Canada is waiting for you to release this album broo, i wanna hear your new music ASAP. for the past two months i had "Got Your Back" on repeat and i listened to it 684 times according to my itunes. No rush on the album, i just can't wait for all the new songs. Btw Takers was amazing.
The KING of the South 4 life

Diva4real's picture

Luv u T.I and I can wait on the album bc your'e as real as it comes. You keep it pimpin!!!! Diva4Real truly loves you.

PAPPL's picture

whens the relesase date

LIL WYT3's picture

T.I. is the most real rapper in our generation and the best.

Solo4Life's picture

hey kilo you must be broke or somethin suckaaaaaaaa

marieboubou's picture

est-ce que quelqun sais quelle date il sort au Canada? tanks :)