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I'm Flexin' Ft. Big K.R.I.T


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September 30, 2011
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cleverboy15's picture

All Hail Tha King!

DaphaneD's picture

I was wondering, where's the MEGA BASS in this version. I first heard it riding in the car. I must say, you are very impressive lyrically. I'm very impressed with the beat track too! I'm so happy that you are out, and I pray for men to be released all over the world if they are ready for that. I watched your family on TV, I've been in your wife's situation before and now I'm doing my very best(with GODs help) to guide my sons away from following in their father's footsteps to prison. I just hope and pray that you are ready to impress your family with the positive decisions that you will be making from now on. Im divorced from my children's father, but he has turned his life around and now lives, sings and about to become a preacher for CHRIST! GLORY@GOD. Sorry but I've got to give GOD his propst! Be all that GOD wants you to be, a true KING on this earth, T.I. Much love and prayers to you and yours, DaphaneD.

Tammy's picture

Yummy :) Loving it T.I.

Losiano's picture

Hell yea this is ATL foreal. Shit is H.A.M.

visionary's picture

This joint right here is it!!!!! This is the TI I know and love.! I hear the kids saying this in Macon Georgia all day long. This is what's up.

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Glad u back spittin bret cause i been listenin since da 1st T.I patna SC home boi

Recie's picture

I listen to this music all day and the day seems a little more mature because of TI

Andres Ocampo's picture

i'm flexing shawty

Mr. Novacaine's picture

NEED THAT BOOK CUH................

Mr. Novacaine's picture

Real tlk glad u home cuz cuz keep god first fam......

Wife-fe,N.I.P.'s picture

Hey baby

alexking's picture

Yeah, its the King cuh, You know my demo right? Maybach no limo homes! KING BACK Sick song TIP we want more good music like that!

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Recie's picture

TI means every word of dai shit.... wooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeee

Recie's picture

I'm loving this, I'm flexing shawte',

TIP0824's picture

It's the KING Bitch

T.I.P Fã's picture

King Back

kela103's picture

I love this song. The beat is bananas. and of course ti deliever the best lyrics

SimoniaMeChelle's picture

Great things lined up, great chat T.I.P.! Exciting Book Signing Events ahead. Will there be a Movie Deal for Power & Beauty? I'm bout my Grand Hustle! The King is baaaaacckkkk!

Imurge's picture

here's his hit single "I Get Da Money" music video:

My artist has more great singles like this if you are interested in hearing more and
If interested please feel free to email me back or any of the contact below, Thanks

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That's what that is.....KING!!!!!!!!!!!

Minnie Harris's picture

your songs are d realest hip hop i knw

Kenny Boi's picture

Now dats Real there..........Potna..........Yeaa

dakyrak's picture

now that's what i have been missing man! i always long for more and new stuffs from you and when they come i more than love them

john10123's picture

cool song i like this song now you back yeah!!!

OrngCntyKng's picture

Welcome back homie! The game has been starving for this! Always on point TIP can't wait for the album!

konvictedSoul's picture

love the new joint fam!!!! keep it coming hard homeboy!!!!

Manda912's picture

Im Flexin =) cant wait for more baybay!! When you gna come to Nashville?? ready to see you live!