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Tip's son King reppin' TAKERS!


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on August 30, 2010 - 12:58pm


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What's up Baby? I love you KING.

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T.I. I love you and your work, you are the greatest talent of the south! Things may look cloudy right now but the sun always find it's way around the clouds. I've said it once & I'll say it again, no man has the last word, God does. I've tried him and he work for my life time & time again! He gave you everything that you have and only he can take it away. Just ask what you will. If you seek him more than ever in these trials & tribulations he will show you his power. He created men with knowledge of many things, & you my dear are one of his greatest creations! Never ever will he forsake you, he made ya! Even when he is silent, just humble yourself and wait on God, Trust God. God Bless! "The Blackjack Dealer."

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AWW.... he is so precious and his hair is off tha hook.

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King sure loves his daddy!!! I'm praying for you T.I. during these trying times!! Like Pac says though "Keep your head up"!!!!!!!!!! I love you and your beautiful family!!! Stay strong!!!!!!

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too cute!

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Awww, thats right......rep your dad cause its in your genes to be a star boo!

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Awww , this is cute :)

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Thats very kool the design cuda hv been kooler but ,,,, plane n simple now thats BEING EASY !!!!!!!!!

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i hope that it was his son's idea :) it looks great

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Thats all G

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good mehn reppin ur dada, dat wuz tite yo