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T.I. Wants To Thank Fans For #1 Takers Spot - Win Autograph Now!


  • August 31, 2010
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    T.I. Wants To Thank Fans For #1 Takers Spot - Win Autograph Now!
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    WINNER: sami70888

    To thank his fans for their support this past weekend of Takers going #1, Tip wants to offer his fans a chance to win a signed "Be Easy" poster of him. Win the autograph above by simply dropping a comment, ANYTHING, in the c-section below. One winner will be selected at random. Tell ya boys, tell ya girls, tell ya moms, tell ya pops, tell whoever. Leave ya comments now!

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on August 31, 2010 - 4:27pm

WINNER: sami70888

To thank his fans for their support this past weekend of Takers going #1, Tip wants to offer his fans a chance to win a signed "Be Easy" poster of him. Win the autograph above by simply dropping a comment, ANYTHING, in the c-section below. One winner will be selected at random. Tell ya boys, tell ya girls, tell ya moms, tell ya pops, tell whoever. Leave ya comments now!


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keep it pimping pimping

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My daughter said the movie was great and that you did an awesome job along with the othere stars. My daughter wil lbe 17 on Septembe 14th, and to received something from you would make her birthday. I am proud of all you have done for your communities and standing up for what happen. Again great job to all, we need some more good movies out there with us in it.

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Great Movie!! Great Cast!! So Glad You Guys Came In At #1!!! Keep Up The Good Work & Be Blessed!!! You Are An Inspiration To Young African American Boys!!! My Son Loves You!! He Calls Himself I.T. SInce He's Little!! Lol!!

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congratulations T.I on having number 1 movie

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Great Summer Movie...Going back to see it again. T.I gets better with each movie he does. Keep it coming. :)

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Go Clifford!! God bless Idris Elba's parents!!

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t.i. and family, you guys are a inspiration on me and my family, cause my fiance is a rapper hes big in Toledo underground rapper noxious, but we always said will be like how u guys are always a close family no matter what happens even tho life crazy with him being a rapper, but u keep up the good work and keep doing u and all my blessings go out to your kids and family.... keep it up....

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I haven't had a chance to see Takers but I can't wait. I'm a huge T.I. fan. I can't wait for King Uncaged and this autographed picture.

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Congratulations TI on the success of your movie!! I wish you and your family nothing but blessings. Keep doing your thing. Tell the first lady I have nothing but respect for her!! Peace and much love

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T.I I went to see Taker's friday & I loved it, I'm going to take my sister to see if this wkend! I loved your character GREAT JOB...T.I you are a great person no matter what anyone says, you have grown as a man & entertainer for that you should be proud. I loved you from day one & I will continue to support you congrats on everything. Tiny is a VERY luck lady:))

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Ti you have made us proud and as it says forget those thiong that are behind and press for the things that are ahead. I see that you were used to let us know that you must have faith and believe. Pround of you man. I have a song for you called HOLD ON I'm the singer of it you can listen at Thanks for being a minister to the world and allowing the lord to use you. You do know tha Holy Ghost l;ead you through the darkness and you stay with the Lord and you are FREE!
Rahn Anthoni

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I'm just blessed to have met your accquaitance! I pray you & your family continue to be blessed & prosperous in EVERYTHING you do!

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Good job It shows how u have matured and made good out of bad. CHANGE is evolution to the next level God has planned for u. T.I.P love that u and Tiny got married that was a stand up move. Love Tiny she still shines even though she is constantly hated on. Go girl and dont change for anyone.

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T.I you are a very great man and you are just very talented. luv sweetplum.

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Congrats on the #1 spot! You did yo thang in this movie

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Shawanda Says: T.I you are inspiration to my community.ATLANTA. I truly love all you do and how far you've come. You did an awesome job in TAKES!..and really should do some more works in that feild! You always excel at anything you put into!Your growth has illustrated success internationalyl..and I'm a very proud fan of yours! BE E-Z HOMIE! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!

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T.I. you are an amazing down to earth real rapper. I pride myself on bieng a fan of yours so thank you for being an inspiration to all of us out there. I recently went to my first concert ever at the age of 24 in mt. pleasent mi at the casino starring you and ludacris. You put yourself out there to reach us the fans and put on an awsome preformance. It was much appreciated. Then to even go beyond and open the movie theater for your movie and purchase the popcorn and talk with us and take pics with us. It made me appreciate you even more and show that you are real. Thats what i like. Well welcome back hope to see you in the future again. I got your back boy!!! Love Jessica Klopp

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... I'll put three holes in ya head like a bowling ball!!! Loved that line and it could ONLY be delivered by T.I. the KING!!!! THAT LINE SHOULD GO DOWN AS A CLASSIC!!!! Awesome Work!!!!

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I have to be honest, before now I was not a big T.I fan, but watching how sweet and humble he is and how much he loves his wife and family has made me love him too. Glad his movie is #1

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T.I. is a boss

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I would like to thank you for blessing everyone with a wonderful movie. You were absolutely amazing. As a fellow westside representative, I would like to wish you much success and thank you for putting it down for our city.

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Desde Acapulco, me encanta tu musica y sobre todo tu eres un cantante y actor super talentoso, te mando un saludo y sigue con muchos exitos ke yo te apoyare!!!

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T.I. is sick

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evrything that u gave up for ur career means alot to me
i know how hard it is to challenge urself that much and living the life u r now
even though it isnt easy
u make it seem soo perfect and the life anyone would love to live
because of u i started a long time ago to start and think before i do something
u inspired me and still do soo much t.i.
u r my only role model
i cant wait for ur album this month !
that movie takers is tha best ever !
have a whole lot of respect for u
this poster looks sooo cool
nice pic man :)
u nvr disapoint me t.i. ur tha best !

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T.I is the greatest and Takers was such an amazing movie...Love T.I's character and all the great quotes he said!! :)


Dear T.I.,
Thank you for the pop and popcorn after Sunday night's concert at the Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasant. I'm a 54 year old white woman who loves your music. My husband agreed to take me to your show for our 35th anniversary. It was great that you went to Celebration afterwards to show your new movie.Thank you also for autographing our Takers ticket stubs and even personalizing them with a Happy Aniv!. It was a thrill of a life time. You were amazing in Takers, but ATL is still my favorite, I got the DVD for our anniversary too.
LOVE YOU man, from your OLDEST FAN

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T.I. u r so cool! love ya

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shout out to the ATL

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T.I my favorite rapper that I look up 2 from tha south and westside of Atlanta Bankhead. Eversince the King album in 06 and the movie ATL came out that year and both were #1s on Billboard when both of them came out in one year in 06. After Listening 2 the King album I was inspire by that whole album and movie, Like the lines that T.I.P saidth to his younger brother in the ATL movie that saidth '' You ain't got to be a dope boy 2 have money, this is what cleaning the floors what get you, I been saving this for 3 years now ever since the accident, Ay I believe in you even when you are 2 stupid 2 believe in yourself'' and songs like Be better than me from Trap Muzik, Goodlife from the KING album, and Prayin 4 help, My life from Urban Legend, I had 2 went back and got all of his album including I'm Serious, Trap Muzik, Urban Legend, KiNG, T.I versus T.I.P, Paper Trail and now KiNG UnCaged and the movie Takers. It feels like 06 all over again but this time it is 2010 and the outcome is Phenomenal anticipated 2 outshine and overcome all odds set up against you with your back against the wall. Until KiNG UnCaged T.I.P is Crown Grand Royalty from #16. Grand Royal from I'm Serious. I wish you the Greatest of all time on your accomplishments and success from making from the buttom of the hood to the top at #1 and flying above the clouds in the skies Like '' Live In the sky''. Peace and One Love T.I.P

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Wat up T.I. Dis Yo Boi Yung Gutta I wish you can perform in Texarkana Texas one day we will show you mad love out there... I hope i can win dat Autograph Picture