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T.I. Discusses Yesterday's Events With CNN


  • October 14, 2010
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    T.I. Discusses Yesterday's Events With CNN
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    T.I. responds to allegations that his talking a man down from the roof of a building was a publicity stunt with CNN's Don Lemon.

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on October 14, 2010 - 6:08pm

T.I. responds to allegations that his talking a man down from the roof of a building was a publicity stunt with CNN's Don Lemon.


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I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I just want to say, keep your head up and stay strong. You are the Best in my eyes and I support everything you do. Everone makes mistakes, as long as you learn from them is all that matters in my eyes. These haters stay riding the clock you just have to be careful. Idon't worry about these sucka ni**as keep doin you. I love you and I will be praying for you and your family. You got much love over here my baby. :0) LUV U TIP

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Man no one seems to want to forgive anyone in the rap/hip hop game for anything they have done in the past. Rather it had been for protection of self or family or simply drinking too much. If it were Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, etc, may they rest in peace, then maybe the media wouldn't focus so hard on the negativeness of them. See, T.I. is just like any other one of us. A man taking his responsibilities as a father, husband, and role-model. He made a mistake in his life a few times but you live and you learn. They should cut him some slack though because we all make mistakes too.
In regards to the "publicity stunt", sometimes God does send us to odd ventures to help others that are in need in which that may have just been the situation at hand. The news is what makes the people anxious and concerned instead of the facts at hand.

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I've been saying this FOREVER YOUR PURPOSE HERE IS FOR GREATNESS and I JUST LOVE YOU and I Accept your apology. I love you so much and I feel you on everything that you are saying. I'll always be your NUMBER 1 FAN REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING!!!!!!!

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tell him what's up and what's happenin' partner!

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dnt i blame him

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I feel that everthing you do now they will be watchin you! whats even more sad they thought after what happen last time you was gone even more fuck! but you showed them how you can turn things around and work out for you and the end. i do think god is not done with you so what ever happen to you today just know its all god he trying to show you something that you not seein yet. god will open up your eye when you open up ur eye's i been a fan for years i always love everthing you do, you not a bad person as they trying to make you out to be, but its here now and done with its up to you to find out which way you want to take your life god put it there for you now its your time to follow your gettin older and we all have one life to live so why not live it up, you done a good job with that men somtime ppl just want somebody to stop and say something to them to make them feel better everbody life is not the same so like you said you cant make me think like you cause my life is not like yall's so i feel you on that one ppl cant say wat you should of done cause they not you right! i just think now you need to think diff... and think two step ahead of them now like i said some ppl dont like you so keep showing them you the king:) MS.vicki Much love TIP! prayers

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Are there any other women out there considering putting their life on the line to meet TI on the roof? I just want to be saved ; )

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This some bull shit we waiting on a classic give my homie one more chance we need real music that everybody can relate to I wish u the best in court tommorow homie... never mine what haters say ignore them to they fade away*Long Live The King PSC* Now Remember That Sucks!

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God Bless!!!!!!! Good Job!!!!!!!!!

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t.i. this has shown how much u actually care about us
ofc this recent thing that has happened that u r going to court for is not the type of problem we excepted
but we gotcha back no matter what !
keep it up t.i.

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I knw that TI has a heart and will do anything that he could 2 help sum1. Regardless hater's will always hate. Keep being 100 TI because to me you will alway's shine bright! True fan Diva4Real!!!!

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T.I, I can totally appreciate what you have conveyed to your supporters, fans, and haters (might I add), during your radio and tv interviews. I think though as a celeb-being (a step above human in this society) I pray that through all the controversy about the incident yesterday and the situation you're in now, that you have allowed GOD to give you your true ah ha moment! You are a stand up guy on the surface and all but I think, you know that if you actually step back and let HOVAH do what he does, man you gonna be amazed at yourself!!!

We all have problems & GOD will allow us to run Olympic races by ourselves until we realize we are tired, and that ultimately their is no GOLD metal at the end of a one man race! Sad to say sense you are a celeb-being your falls, stumbles, and trips are on youtube, FB, and twitter, just hold your head up my boy and do your best for YOU, YOUR WIFE, KIDS, & FAMILY and that's it!! Be Blessed

P.S Thanks for the hidden message in your interview.... NEVER NEVER GIVE UP

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I think that Tip was just doing GODS work!!! And if it was my child I would just hope that some one would be there just like Tip was...And thats why he is very bless...And I know that god will keep on blessing him and his family..So you just keep doing what you are doing...Tell them HATERS tooo kiss your AZZ....: ) : ) : )

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He has people praying for him & God is breaking him & using him!!! Its been a long road for him, but he is not yet done! There is a greater purpose!

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Not only has he been touching lives with his music but in person too. He just saved a man from a suicidal attempt and people got it all twisted already. God bless you & your family bruh. Keep up the good work.

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I don't care what the haters say Tip is a genuine man who only wanted to help! I am so proud of you Tip and I will always be a fan of yours! NO MATTER WHAT! People will always say negative things but now is when you see who your TRUE fans and supporters are! GOD bless and I will continue to keep you in my prayers and no matter what the outcome is tomorrow i will ALWAYS have your back. #TeamTip!!!!!!!

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TIP...To error is to be human, to be human enuf to man up is awesome. You are an awesome human being. I'm a 56 yr old white female who loves your music and will always be a strong supporter of you and your music. Atlanta Henry) is very fortunate to have you here in our neighborhood. God be with you and your family and never give up on all the good you have done and will continue to do...PEACE!