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WORLD PREMIERE: "Get Back Up" ft. Chris Brown


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on October 15, 2010 - 8:16pm

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Luv tha track T.I. itz off tha chain bcuz it hitz tha heart of truth. Don't let these haterz eva make u want 2 shed n e tears of emberassment cuz aint nobody PERFECT n them haterz wish they was u, so keep it all G*doubleO*D~GOOD n hold ur head up! The judge may have no mercy but just remember tha mercy that is MOST IMPORTANT is from our heavenly father. May God bless u with the help u seek. I pray that even though the circumstances r negative GOD has a plan for ur life Mr. Harris USE this time to allow GOD to speak and open up ur heart. PUT ur faith and trust in HIM. GOD will continue to strengthen u. GOD has MUCH in store 4 u MR.Harris. REMEMBER while GOD PLANS the devil plots and those whom TRUST IN GOD there is nothing GREATER than GOD and his masterplan. TINY hold it down 4 ur hunnie, u have so much strength that u need 2 continue 2 give ur hunnie. Peace, comfort,strength, blessings and prayers 4 u Harris fambam!!! UR REAL SUPPORTERS got cha bacc! God bless tha negative.

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not bad

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I like your new song very much...blessings to you and yours...keep your head up T.I.

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Tip, I am still your fan & backer. You are human and we all make mistakes. The main thing is that you will sure to get help and stick with the agreement to stay away from drugs. Too many love & care about you. You are "Tha King of da South"!

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YESS FINALLY A NEW SONG. it's a good one too, I like it. KEEP THEM COMING.

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still support you tip FIRE song !!!

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I really enjoyed this song T.I., every song or record you make I love it. All of your music relates not only to you but other people like myself in general on our aspects of life. Just remember Tip everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect but Jesus Christ, so keep ur head up and no matter what you will always be one of my favorite rappers, and artist plus role model of all times...

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the track was hot...we gonna stay keeping our head high for you through these bad times and higher for the good
cant wait for king uncaged

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no1 understands the life u live.. fuk off haters .. TIP 2 CUM BACK STRONGER THAN EVA AND TAKE OVA THIS RAP GAME ONCE N 4EVAA

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This world is full of haters and we all need someone to put them in thier place so thank you for doing your part bro

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Another #1..... I Love It

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This song is a hit as usual T.I. 101's picture

awesome song tip loove it

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wow great song. i see ur so skilled. i loving it so much damn