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Young Dro takes a look at T.I.'s "No Mercy" album artwork.


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on November 15, 2010 - 10:35am


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All she wrote is hot. Real talk !!!! I cant wait for No Mercy to drop.. we miss u king... been waiting a minute for this album come out...almost here!!!! 12710 best rapper ever

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FREE THE KING!!!! I know it ain't gonna you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday Tip! I got your back boy! Yeah you know I would ride with you anyday anywhere!!! Show em' where the hustlers are, and where it ain't safe to go, and where they keep the chickens at!! lol luv u! (from the East Coast pastry chef trying to connect with your ass on the restaurant and casino ideas you've talked about!) hit me up!

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New T.I. song released today "All She Wrote" Feat. Eminem Check it out on youtube!

Keep it pimpin'!

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FREE THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's da KING bitch!!! Ohhhh, I can't wait...

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It's about to go down! No Mercy December 7!

lol still waiting on that Dro as well!

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Nice Job Dro!!! Hold it down for my baby!!!

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Listen "Passe leur le Salam" by La Fouine and Rohff ! It's talk about you King. Rap FRançaiiis de Dingue ...

(they say good things about you don't worry)

7, december....

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this is...
i cant explain
juss woow
i cant wait for it !

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No Mercy yahmean!!!

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haha, that was funny

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Young Dro is funny! !:D

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hahah Young Dro is great

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The artwork is excellentoo and just can't wait to get it to support T.I!!!

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I hope you have no mercy on cd BRAZIL, I'm waiting