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All She Wrote ft. Eminem

All She Wrote ft. Eminem
Average: 4.8 (28 votes)
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on November 17, 2010 - 6:25pm

All She Wrote ft. Eminem

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Average: 4.8 (28 votes)
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Rickyyy's picture

This track go harddd...#nolie

Lashane Lenae's picture

I love any track with Eminem in it. (:

oneent's picture

TI, he's the complete lyricist, great delivery, lyrics of substance, analogies, symmetry, great story lines, sound/tone, musicality, melody! Eminem, great delivery, very few can touch it but lyrics lacks substance sometimes imo! Great combination though!

Dave's picture

oh and "Takers" was an awsome moveie G !

Dave's picture

emeinem rocks with it when u gonna cut some traks with big boi?

monkey's picture

eminem kills it

Lloyd's picture

i like tis song man ever ... T.I , eminem they fit each other..

ThickTasha's picture

Yeah, I like this track. Eminem sounds good with him. Would like to see the lyrics.

Crazo's picture

this collabo is to ill.u gotta get the lyrics before u listen to it. please.

KuSh's picture

Hell yea

Kris Williams's picture

This 9th Album Of T.I. Shows A nigga daz Still comn But already reached da TOP Now Daz All She Wrote

DG-MAYN3's picture

damn.dis is gonna kill T.I if he goes back 2 prison again.;who is gonna gimme such muzik den,,,,,,,,,,,,

JMon212's picture

T.I. the best uh? It doesn't matter he always get the job done.Its King bitchh!lol

S.V. AMERICA's picture

Yo T.I. is gonna take over tha game while wayne trys n gain everybodyz respect again T.I. and his albm No Mercy #1 album of the year that Grammy Awards should just hand over tha awards to T.I. now cuz they aint gonna be no competition also give tha home boy artist of the year dats straight up.

Simple1's picture

Best Song I heard all year NO MERCY IS GONNA B #1

fesa's picture

Tip went innnnnn!!! Philly loves u!!!

CZARoner's picture

this song is amazing!
im guessing this is the final version that is gonna be in the album. it sounds better than the one on youtube. that one sounded too sped up
cant wait for the album!!

J.O.'s picture

i dont kno but this one the only one i heard is hot!!!best song of the year!! best rapper ever the KING!! T.I and eminem greatness!!!

Your Love's picture

T.I. + Eminem = Greatness!

Zolantic's picture

It says You can listen to the OFFICIAL mixed and mastered version in the audio player now!

so does tht mean this is not the original vesrion becuz on youtube eminem has a different verse on verse 1

so in TIP's cd which one will be the original version??

yudith's picture

A M A Z I N G ! ! ??

Big T's picture

this song is beast !

Kevan's picture

This is really the best song I heard this year! Instant classic.