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T.I. Unveils Cover Of His New Book "Power & Beauty"


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on September 14, 2011 - 11:43am

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago, T.I. recently linked up with publishers Harper Collins for a new book titled Power & Beauty. Today we unveil the cover to the fictional story about two friends who grew up on the dangerous streets of Atlanta. The novel was written by T.I. along with David Ritz and will hit stores in October. Check out the various pre-order options below!

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Is just feeling super elated!!!! THE KINGS BACK and I am loving every minute of it!!!!

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8 more days. CAN'T WAIT!!

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Hey Now,
Truly I love to read! Reading is apart of everyday life. I believe people should embrace it and enjoy it. Power & Beauty will be a very interesting novel about a love story. It's very different from some of the other books I've read, it touches a topic that other authors shy away from-- fearing it may be too bold of a subject.
Furthermore Charles "Slim" Simmons Aka Charlie Disco, Charlotte Clay Aka Moms, Power, Beauty. All these characters are very interesting and I want to know more about them. Of course This data is from the excerpt. Which was only 8 documents but I'm not complaining. Can't wait to buy the book and add it to my book collection?

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Congragulations!!! T.I. Always will be the King form Me

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O.M.G....this'z wht's gonna be up..!keep pippin' shawty!

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Such a brilliant soul you are T. I.,Clifford. Love this book project! This cover is exploding with passion & it pull a person in to wanna know what's in it. I'm buying for sure. I want to say Happy Happy Birthday to you today since my brother's birthday is today & I can't tell him. He died in 2008, I carry him so strongly in my heart as I do all things that I am passionate about. i know that yo B-Day is September 25th, & I'm the first to tell you! lol I beat everybody. . .The early bird gets the worm. lol I love being on your #TEAM!

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I need a preview

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when now i put in storm i can to tip aka pimp/ and harris/ is the best keep going stop of TI TI is great at this game top dogg and know what he want paper always be good life how is told myself that we star came up in years so tell the stroy and tell was up will as down that this how do life tell the path keep the mind and heart in good space in life tell stop dream keep on the rigth tell to love your stop but dream help maybe they dream we got should show them that is good if you try if try hope this book is good tell a story great

Ms. chrissyswaggacute <3 t.i's picture

Can't wait to read this......

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omgosh i cant wait imma be the first to get it when it hits the stores !

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Can't wait Tip

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i luv street fiction! cant wait to cop i kno TI is gonna keep us interested from beginnin to end. jus goes to show that my man is talented in all areas...

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Can't wait!

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mos def gettin a copy.. sounds lyk a gud read dat would also make a gud movie

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YES! i dont like reading a lot
But this is a must read for me :D i cant wait tip

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Cann't wait ...sounds like a great read!!!

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I think that its gonna be good.