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Win a Signed Copy of T.I.'s New Book "Power & Beauty"!


  • October 25, 2011
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    Win a Signed Copy of T.I.'s New Book "Power & Beauty"!
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    Now's your chance to win a SIGNED copy of T.I.'s new book Power & Beauty! From now until Friday, comment as many times as you'd like underneath this post, letting us at know why you deserve a copy. We'll be picking the best answers, selecting 8 different winners in total.

    **REMEMBER: Keep checking the email account you signed up to the site with, as that's how we'll be notifying you if you were chosen as a winner. Good luck!

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on October 25, 2011 - 12:22pm

Now's your chance to win a SIGNED copy of T.I.'s new book Power & Beauty! From now until Friday, comment as many times as you'd like underneath this post, letting us at know why you deserve a copy. We'll be picking the best answers, selecting 8 different winners in total.

**REMEMBER: Keep checking the email account you signed up to the site with, as that's how we'll be notifying you if you were chosen as a winner. Good luck!


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First i wanna salute the king and his return to the throne......i deserve this book because of my loyalty that I have shown through my support......I live in Detroit Mi. and every since i heard T.I.P. i i have supported everything he has done in muzik wheather it is music, movies or concerts or clothes.....I work at mr. allans in detroit and we sell Akoo.....When T.I.P. went in for his vacation a year ago, i seen it as a personal goal to sell as much akoo as i could to support him cause if i was the king i would want people to support me in the same way....When No mercy came out not only did i buy 2 of them but i coppied a picture from and made flyers, and put them up on as many corner poles as i could to promote the album....My girl lives in Widsor,Canada and she helped me post them in her city too.....we posted them at Devonshire mall in Windsor, Canada too.....I support T.I.P. because he inspires me......wheather or not i get the free book, ima go and buy it.....I just wanted him and his people to know how me and mines support the KING....... Thats is all.........From a random T.I.P (KING) supporter

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I've looked up to TIP since the start of his career because his story about life is an inspiration and his success never stops. I haven't picked up a good book in awhile but I'm looking forward to this one. He's one person that relates to his audience and he deserves all the support that he gets. No matter what this book will be in my hands.

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well..i'm 17 years old and i live in germany. i want this book because where i live.. it's hard or impossible to get to those things..i want to read this book so bad,because T.I. changed my life with his music..and with this book .. he's gonna change my life once again,in a good way.. in a better way. When I go to bed I pray to GOD..And I finish my prayers like not only the KING.. HE IS A LEGEND ! God bless you TIP !

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Even at the age of 45 I feel that there is always a lesson to be learned and something to be gained through reading. Reading is fundamental, but I feel that if I was to win this book, I would be so grateful to pass on something that may encourage me with what I’m going though. I have 4 people in my household that would be blessed with the opportunity to read TI’s book.

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i KNOW that i should win this book becauSe i deserve it because of the love i have for the KING Tip in my heart forever. he has it all, conquors all, lives it all, wins it all. he has the swag, the talent, the drive, the success, everything you need to be the KING that he truly is. i LOVE Tip and cant wait to read this book. ATL is my favorittttte movie, just hearing the way he talks and alllll i love him to death. whether i win this contest or not im purchasing this book because of that love and passion i have for his music and demeanor. i am WISHING on every 11:11 that i will someday meet Tip, and i have met other famous rappers and been incredibly disapointed by the lack of personality and rudeness they gave to some of their biggest fans but something in my heart KNOWS that Tip is different, hes his own person and i cant wait to get to know him better. i hope you give me the chance to show you just how much your music gets to me and i know i will feel even closer through reading your book so watch out for this tan bleach blonde girl screamin your name at any shows. im from SAINT LOUISSS please come see me:) i get down, smoke, drink, thats about it bc im stayin on track in school. i go to University of Missouri, Mizzou getting my business degree to get into advertising so either way im sure i will be meeting you somewhere down the line! im making a name for myself too and THANK YOU for being my inspiration! :) MUCH MUCH MUCH love
your biggest fan, Katy Chappell !!!!! xoxo

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like alisha.fisher said i think the people living far away from america, especially ATL deserve to get some of those signed books. you know, the fact that we never got the opportunity to met him personally, to visit a concert or anything like that is very sad for us. because he´s an idol ! i think it would be very nice of you, when you realise the chance and make at least one of these people happy! I am one of them..... And i love tip for his music, his style, his character and a lot of more beautiful sides of him. SO PLEASE MattLantic. You would make me very, very proud an happy when you chose me!!

All of you : Having a nice day :) !!!

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tip is the best rapper alive in my opinion, i would really love to get a signed copy of the book, keep doing ya thang tip, cant wait for the IM FLEXIN video

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After living in SC for 15 years...I watched the movie ATL and fell in love with TI. For the past 7 years I have been here in Atl following TI's music, movies and mishaps. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I’m a 45 yr old single mother of a 22, 18 and 13 yr old. I feel that TI is a good role model and a motivator for all young men. I know a lot of people pull away from the title role model, but when you can do the things that he has done, bad or good in the past 4+ years and till stay motivated and want more for “EVERYONE” as a whole. That is someone that I can find myself looking up to, because NO ONE is perfect. I try to lead my son in the right direction on how to be a gentle man; to respect himself and others too. He is headed in the right direction thus far, but TI has shown us all that we can fall short, but through God’s grace and mercury we can be forgiven. My son is 13 and I've taken him to as many TI's events as possible. It's hard out here for a grown blk man to try and make it let alone our youth that are to follow. TI has shown us that it is ok to make mistakes, but to own up to them. No one is perfect and shouldn’t continuously be judged for our down falls. I admire his drive, determination, love and support that he had for his family, friends and community. I have been through a lot of things from having a job, going to school to now possible foreclosure and car repo, but I see that the faith that TI has and what God has done for him, he can do it for me too. I’m hoping that through everything that I’m going though there could be something in this book that will help me stay encouraged. I know that his may be fictional, but there is always a story to tell in reading. I would be so grateful for a signed book from someone that has been through so much, but still comes out blessed. I feel that this book can be a spiritual blessing for me.

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T I is the firstman i ever dreamed about, as amatter of fact just had one last night. It was great in case you were wondering!!!!!!

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I admire T.I. so much. He continues to press forward despite any obstacles he encounters. I'm a huge fan of his music, he's an amazing artist.

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((P.S))They say the King is Back...I say he NEVER left ;] his old stuff is still "crushin" most of this Garbage these kids are putting out now-a days...Show them how the Boss's do it T.I, better yet write a book about it, and let them read between the lines. Holla!

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Getting a T.i. autograph isnt an easy task, but I would be so greatful to actually get one. Also I love to read and its another horizon that he has achieved and I would love to share it!

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i sooo want to read this. I've seen him on d big screen, movies, interviews, music videos...but this...a book...this is more real...itz like u would be wherever he is and was when ur reading. A book with words is more personal, we as the reader get to see another side of T.I. that we have never seen before and I pray that I can be granted that opportunity.

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Well, aside from the fact that T.I. is my favorite hip hop artist, hands down, and that in itself is reason enough to want to read from HIS point of view the facts that lie around his problematic PUBLIC persona. I don't follow news opinions, much less the society version of what's supposed to be. But aside from that, I feel that the father of my kids hold great comparison to T.I. and his struggles.
Baby daddy is currently serving an 8 yr sentence concurrent to previous 5 and 2 years sentences. Many of TIP's songs relate to him. He's due to come out in January 2012 and I really want him to see things from T.I.'s point of view. I'm hoping that T.I. being the family man he is can show my baby daddy, from someone's point of view that he can relate with and not his BM, that you can surpass your past tribulations and become the MAN and FATHER that he needs to be. This is why I want the book. I truly believe it will help him see things differently. I believe it will touch him. I've sent him T.I. quotes, lyrics, etc. in the past and it helped him understand what I want him to hear.

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I would like to see what a day in the life of T.I is, im sure in this book he opens up a vision of what it's like in the world of Trap.

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I recently read an article on T.I.'s new book and became so excited to read it. I ran out to the closest Barnes and Nobles to buy it. Once there I searched the aisles up and down, but could not find it. After about 20 minutes, I decided to ask one of the employees where I could find out. Come to find out, the store had not received the book in yet. In reading the article, I was so anxious to go get it that I did not see the fact that it had not been released yet. I check Barnes and Nobles daily to see when they will have the book in, but each day it says it is not in stock. I cannot wait to read this book because I know for a fact that I will love it. I have been a fan of T.I.'s music and I believe his creativity will transfer into this book. Whether or not I win this signed copy, I will be going out and buying it from the store. I look forward to reading it and I know I better set aside a whole day because I won't be able to set it down.

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I soooooooo deserve this book. I live in the Caribbean so it's not that easy for me to get someone to bring it down for me and i am dyyyyyiiiing to get this book. I looove to read and i looooooooooove T.I. he's my inspiration, he's soooooo real and what he stands for is just amazing. I'm from the ghetto, i've had my hardships and when i feel like giving up, i jus pop in one of his albums i listen to one song and my day moves from bad to good, i listen a few more of his songs and my day is great. I dont think anyone rate him as a person more than i do. T.I. i pray for you every morning when i wake up and everynight before i go to bed and i can swear on that.... T.I. MY WHOLE BEDROOM IS DEDICATED TO YOU. I LOVE AND RESPECT U TO D MAX N I KNOW THAT I DESERVE THIS BOOK

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LETS BE CLEAR! Whether it's a book, his music, his guest appearances, or Posts...I'm always following and showing support to the one and only T.I. It would be an Honor, I would be overwhelmed, and estatic if i could possibly have the opportunity of winning. It would also lift my spirits up since I've been down on my luck lately, who better understands that then Mr Harris himself. He is inspirational, he is REAL!!! Just Observe his work and see that his adversity was worth it,
Verses autobiographical, absolutely classical ;]..and i will continue to show him love & support as long as he's doing it!

Liz's picture

Short and sweet, I love reading and I've always liked T.I. so I would cherish a signed copy!! He's an amazing artist and actor so I can only imagine what his book is like. I look forward to reading this... whether I'm chosen or not, not saying you shouldn't choose me since I'll read it anyways though. ;) I've never won anything either, so that would make it so much better if the 1st thing I ever won was a T.I. book. So I think you should pick me. Thanks :)

aleisha.fisher's picture

i'm all the way in australia and as far as i'm aware of, i would never have another opportunity to get anything signed by T.I,love his music,love his attitude, love he's looks haha ;) ima HUGE FAN... please please please, i would love a signed copy!!!! xx =)

Carmel sundai's picture

T.I is the best I love his music from back in the day.I love the way he's able to admit his wrong doing only a real man is able to do that and keep moving and still be on top as th KING.Me as fan been by his side the whole time no matter Wat t.i did or do I'm always going to be his 1 fan.l luv the fact that his a husband,father,friend,actor,artist,producer and he wears many other coats in his life in my book his the jack of all my book he will always be the KING...and they say behind every man there's a strong black woman and I take my hat off to @tinymajormama aka Mrs.Harris a true woman..

Jill Stafford's picture

Congratulations on your new book release. It is really inspiring to see someone so talented not staying within the lines of what their original success came from. It is an amazing thing to see someone come from nothing and rise to the top. T.I. is a great mentor despite what he has been through. He really shows that no matter what happens you can change and pass on positivity. Good luck with the book and future projects you may have.

smurf509's picture

T.I.P you and me gone through alot of the same struggles in life. I got through it with ur music and i can actually say it worked. everything you do and say is the truth and thats what seperates you from all these fake rappers. and thats why you are the KING so keep doing what you do.

KendraG's picture

Please let me be a proud owner of a signed copy of T.I.'s book!!!!!! Loyal to reading and loyal fan - I could really use a "pick me up", some positive stimulation in my life!

Carlozy's picture

yep! still here, pushing my luck all the way Lol really hope its moving on a bit :-) #missiongetpowerandbeauty

VanessaM_75's picture

First and foremost I'd like to say that I absolutely love T.I and the positivity that he promotes especially to young people all over the world. I believe I deserve a copy of the book so that I may pass it along to my young sons, who also look up to T.I as a positive role model. Despite what happened in the past, they watched "Road to Redemption" religiously with me along with all his interviews and it taught them that everyone makes mistakes, even celebrities, but it doesn't mean you're not a good person or you didn't have good intentions. My oldest who will be 14 soon has been giving me a hard time about his reading and when he saw the book on my Facebook page, he said "Mom if you get me T.I's book, I promise I'll read every night" I told him I would, and I am going to get it when I get my next paycheck, but a signed copy from T.I would mean so much more to them and of course to me. T.I if you do ever read this, I love you to death, I'm proud of you, I love your music and I hope you keep doing what you do for many years to come. Toronto loves you and we hope to see you real soon homie ;) MUCH MUCH MUCH love from Canada....xo

T.I IS THE MAN's picture

B/C T.I is the best rapper alive and he is my favorite rapper. PLEASE PICK ME

T.I IS THE MAN's picture

B/C T.I is the best rapper alive and he is my favorite rapper. PLEASE PICK ME