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No Mercy Ft. The-Dream

No Mercy Ft. The-Dream

Average: 4.8 (25 votes)
Posted by: MattLantic

© 2010 WMG

© 2010 WMG

MattLantic's picture
on December 7, 2010 - 11:53am
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© 2010 WMG

Average: 4.8 (25 votes)


chaddy wise's picture

big up ti no mercy is de best hp album, al de ma men!

kawesi Nkambanda Alex's picture

shit be tyt all the way Yo rockin dude!

SEPHAA Renay AYEDE's picture

nothin dat d KING does eva floppppzzzz =]
luvvv U T.I !!!!!!!

The Goon's picture

That was great artwork......or is it called motif stood the no mercy video!
As for the lyrics.....It don't seem right nor always want to lay blame for the outcome of your own blueprint! ...... The children...stupid? Dude....please! Who snuck in from behind and cut the lights out! huh? to quote your tip....wisdom is bleak! (words from the wise) much longer are we gonna wait for you to make peace wiv YOURSELF?
That just don't cut! I really don't think u have any worthwhile reason to keep clutchin' on soooooo tightly......u know! Its pretty mean.....being timeless and all! DO GET A GRIP...and make it right for all of us...yeah! Obviously...NO the otherway around from our stand point!
U try to be better...u say!......dude please!!...there is really NO version of you that can be right .......holed up WHITIN the castle walls! U really should know that.....lest u won't be screamin' so loudly behind it!
If you are gonna tear it down.....then DO Already.... Quit Stallin'.Man!.....I'll have u know that we DO give a shit! It's such a shame u can't see that....Freak!

sunny dayvis's picture

am always praying for you my king,fuck the world,i hold you in high esteem.tip for ever

Lexy's picture

I love this song and video! I'm holding u down tip, no matter what... You're one of the greatest rappers alive and this is just a stepping stone, i believe that u will come out of this a CHAMPION. Forget what the haters may say or think

zelmar's picture

Amazing song and video!!!

It's da king bitch!

NATALEE's picture

THERE IS MERCY 4 U I SWEAR ~nat daawg~

fatidee's picture

TI.nomercy like d story of my life...u special Tip,aint nobody gonna take ur crown,i got ur back.

Monique_2's picture

I must reiterate that I knew you were special. I just felt. You are incredibly gifted. We all do questionable things...screw these assholes. You are the King.


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