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Rick Ross Speaks On "Maybach Music III" Collab w/ Tip


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on August 17, 2010 - 1:53pm



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I don't like him

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I don't dislike Ross he makes good music but I really wish Tip would not work with these type. I also don't dislike Gucci but I wish Tip would not be on records with him but he is on a remix by Dro. I feel like Tip really does not pay dudes like Ross and Gucci any attention because they can't touch him and he knows when you say you King it just gives peasants something to shoot at or for. Add Luda to that list. I wish Tip had never worked with Luda, Gucci, nor Ross but I know he understands that peasants are gonna take shots at the King so he is not sensitive to those type of dudes. Keep it pimpin

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czaroner u shouldnt be like that

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i dont like rick ross but ill check out this track just for TIP. skip all of ross' verse and go to TIP's and Jada's verse

@B-Zo: i think it comes out Sep. 28

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king uncaged didnt come out today!!! WHEN IS GOING TO COME OUT? ANYONE KNOW

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Tambien hay que respetar un poco a la gente porque ...ha tenido colaboraciones con muchos artistas muy famosos aparte de T.I. ..diddy...

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Fuck (Rick Ross) Officer Rickey!! He's a joke! T.I. you better watch your back man, officer rickey might try to put your ass back behind bars again!! Talkin about being a leader.....fuck all that shit, the only thing Rick Ross is leading is the line of PIGS to the donuts! Fuckin FAT UGLY SELL-OUT PRISON GUARD RICKY ROSS. Talkin all the shit, his name got no business even being in the same sentence as T.I.'s name. Keep talkin fat boy, maybe some of the fat all up and around your face will work itself off. T.I. do yourself and the rest of your fans a favor, and stay away from that punch-ass bitch nigger OFFICER RICKY!!!!!!