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community service needed

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on August 12, 2010 - 1:29pm

I am currently the graduation coach at Maynard Jackson High School working with at-risk students.  I am trying to create an incentive event that will target the poor attendance rate and frequent suspensions.  I am hoping that T.I. would be willing to partner with me to help students succeed.  I plan to reward students monthly for perfect attendance and hoping that one of the monthly events could be a visit from T.I. and possibly a performance.  I am confident that this would increase the attendance rate and cut down on the amount of suspensions that are given each month.  Please let me know if you are able to assist me with helping to shape and mold these students for a brighter future.  i can be reached at

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Hey there little missy I got you. Well actually not technically but I love your motive, you're young and you're positvie. What you are seeking is a working progress...I am older than you lol but I want to add you to my network. Email me at Who I am? I'm individual from your neighborhood that understands the injustices, politics, mishaps and vitictims of an convenient impoverished society. What is my motive? To start a nonprofit specifically designed to address these issues including men and women. Why am I at this website doing this? These are my brothers. They understand the logistics of the hood and yet they made it out so their contributiion though financial is more inspirational. I respect what T.I. is trying to do. I want to recruit my own (no offense to others) for assistance for our people. NOT a racist chic. I am a realist though. I just graduated and I'm about to start my Master's (hopefully lol) in January. Keep your head up, stay focused, and educate yourself....and a brighter future you will have:-)