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on September 17, 2010 - 1:40am

I think T.I. needs to get back to being a trend setter and step one would be to not go overboard with the features like most artist are doing these days. I mean every single song on Rick Ross album had a feature, that's just too much. Paper Trail had 7 songs with features and 9 without. That seemed to be a good formula, maybe even 10 without and 6 with would be fine. Also, I think TIP needs to make a inspirational song along the lines of "No Matter What" or "Live Your Life" "Slide Show",etc., to symbolize that he is back to positivity as far as music goes. What do you think about rappers adding too many features on albums? Are you hoping that this latest legal trouble does not stop the album from being released. Where the hell is the tracklisting TIP?

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I think Got Ur Back is a positive song. About the features all that is good 2 me. I person believe T.I has to stay true 2 himself I understand your typed a positive image, who is the 1 to determine want a positive image is??? I personal luv I pledge allegiance to the swag and I have college degrees, people would look at me as a classy lady but you have 2 know someone's background 2 understand their true message behind their music. I just don't personally truely feel sum1 that has not been somewhere in life and just raping about things that they have never experienced. 2 me that's fake, T.I is very business savvy he has music for the masses and that's 1 reason he is still around the 2day. He also keeps it street for the real street people. Hell you have street people all in the office positions. The criminal justice system have a hustle but people that not on top of their game would not even see that!! He just needs to continue 2 be him hell, the hatz will always hate.

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In the latest findings, it appears that T.I. and Tiny were sippin' on some sizzurp when they were arrested.

Things just keep getting worse for Rap star T.I. and his wife Tomeka. The Atlanta-based duo was arrested on September 1 in Los Angeles, California when drugs were discovered during an illegal turn stop. With marijuana and Ecstasy found in the couple's Maybach, it now appears that the Styrofoam cups in the car have tested positive to codeine syrup.

According to, who acquired pictures of the car with cups in the front and back, T.I. also tested positive for opiates upon arrest. Both T.I. and Tiny are at risk of serving felony time, based on previous arrests.

This week, T.I. cancelled a concert at Penn State University and was also summoned to court.

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I would like to see T.I. rap about something that doesn't mention bitches, money, swag, cars, clothes, jewelry, and swag. I don't think that you can acutally up and write about positivity, either you have it in you or you don't. To many features on album is a major let down, that let's you know that an artist don't have a creative bone in his body. I believe that the tracklisting will be something like this

1. Swag On Me
2. Swag To The Max
3. Swag Ain't A Thang
4. I Like To Pop Swag
5. Swaggaritus
6. If It Ain't Swag Ain't Me
7. Swag Muzik
8. Chillin With My Swag
9. Swag Uncagged
10. Dope Boyz Wit Swag
11. Swag Like Us Part 2

It should be a barn burner...