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What the fuck U doing Clifford J.Harris an investigation?

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on October 1, 2010 - 9:26pm

City Oridance is made up of  Mayor -mayor and municipal corporation-cheif of police-sheriff-judges-Georgia governor- prosecuting attorney and Macon,Ga/Middle Ga Media Contacts and lists is made up of general public-first reponders-business community-city officials-volunteer groups-elected officials -media-partners and shareholders Terrorism and Treason against Me and Barack Obama ,Stalking-harassment and communications,Criminal Defamation,Witness Tampering,Abusing Government Office, Advocating Overthrowment of Government ,Sexual Abuse of a Minor a ward of Court under age 12, False and fabricated statments, Genocide,Hindering the apprehension and punishment of a criminal by Pleasant hill Community /etc ... communities Except Olgethrope Community ,Deadbeat father , and etc...  

I know they don't know about Jezzy and Gucci situation and they've made up!The three CITGo and ToptoBottom whores informants feeling shitty!I mean they with that type of information they it wasn't me hattin on them!Hell Nahh! The current residents /community the group under the tree with its partners in crime don't think I'll be hangin out with you or chillin with informants'.I will not be attending the evil congregations in Macon,Ge/Middle Ga nor the evil congregation the LORD thy God delivered this God fearing man Alex D.A.Harris and family from perverting justice-silence mouths dumbass-fearing men asses-which the past NAACP was a member of working the cuurrent president to conceal kids against innocennt children-adults-and elderly people.My edivence will two murders of family members both from Olgethrope Community and crime committed a elderly person. I was illegally sentenced and convicted in 2000 of cocainne possession with intent to distribute with false identification but was convicted of false identification in 2000 at the age 17 years after being aggravated assualted by Macon Police Department in front the Ambulance-firefighters-so called Pleasant hill neighors-and Progressive Christain Acedemy school letting which is where my Jevenile witness on my behalf came to court to testify on my behalf came from, while two so called at the time Yolissa Jackson and Cherice Titrus were there to witness the crime from start to finish ,but didn't ever come to court for me all of this was seven months latter(1996).I was assualted by the Macon Police Department due to false accusation made by the Department of Family and Children services  unknown black social worker in 1996 in front of the foodstampline and grocery store!I was sexual abused as a minor a ward of the court under age  between the ages of five and six years old at a hotel by a unknown white man -the first responders,Medical Center Doctors, Department of Family children services filed false report /medical malipractice/fradulent medical records!Gary D.Harris the deadbeat father is the damn witch and did sorcery and witchcraft to kill herself in the back yard along with they support him to go off whoring and offer up me to the god Molech (Let.20 and 1 timothy 5:8)its all true my source wasn't my birtmother but the media newspaper and 13WMAZ!Career Criminals !I'm all man and God fearing man too with no mental and drug issues a.k.a. mental and drug free!They've didn't think I knew about the illegal wiretapp all of these years, and knowing waswn'y physics but damn informants'/making false accusations against me and mines!How can they talk about everything that comes with ESPN ,MTV-BET-VH1 and everthing that comes with it but not ever address this situation for 14 years since I started reporting it and my grandma Mrs.Mattie L.G.Harris sister by Jesus is LORD started and signed my first statment and the females in the family good commubnication lead me to me that was at the incident in 1996!I've been since Jena 6 2007 ,Hip-Hop vs.America in 2007 , Sean Bell, and etc... Love the LORD thy God don't me because I didn't raise no anti-christ!

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In life we will have trails and tribulations with Christ Jesus is LORD and the LORD thy God will shall overcome!I got wolves dressed in sheeping cloyhing trying to be like him and other family membersand etc...!I study -mind my own business-and everything from heaven up above !Unknown crimes and people committing the crime tolls the statute of limitation o prosecute and sue in Georgia!Especiallyy illegal wire tappes like wire/transmitts voices,oral/people,electronic/writing,signal,and etc...!

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thats whats up i read your artical it was nice . i fill you about clifford is not what they are making himout to be. he is a very well respected person in this world. meeting fans always giving to the needy in showing his loving support.its what ever will be there to show my support an love . pray to do more as i talk to god an let him know that he had it set up for all to atleast fell once are twice are as many times as he allows us too.her only does to strenghten you an make you a stronger person . with that said an done much love to clifford and his familey