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Heavenly Teabag: The Nutz Flying Atop Your Cieling

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on October 7, 2010 - 7:54pm

You guys might not care but i put together a little bundle of old songs for you guys to listened to. I wanted to call it "Not That Anticipated" at first. Then I figured I'd call it either "Who Fuck Would Listen To This" or "Why Am I Wasting Your Time". I got in contact w/ Lex Luger n shit (B.M.F.)... he cut me some deals on like 10 exclusives back in March.
You aint gotta download it Heavenly Teabag The Nutz Flying Atop Your


its just some shit for you to peep...

Can someone do my a mixtape cover of a pair of nutz w/ wings on em? I'd appreciate it


She Aint Had It Like This (prod. by BDB)
Street Pony (always strapped freestyle)
Lady & a Freak (Quietstormz Beatz)
Fuck Wrong feat. Delaney (I Cant Believe it freestyle)
I'm The Shit feat. Bros Da Boss ( DJ da Beatman)
That Royce (Flex freestyle)
Black Magic (feat. Dynamic of AlterEgo)(Blue magic freestyle)
How You Do It (feat. Bros Da Boss) (prod. by BDB)
Look At MY Girl (prod. by 2 Tall)
Illin feat. L!ve (chillin freestyle)
Money Cars and Clothes (PMW freestyle)
Autopilot feat. Bros Da Boss (prod. by Vybe beats)
Check my team feat. Bros Da Boss (prod. by Bros Da Boss)
Go Head! (anything freestyle)
Santa Clause feat. Bros Da Boss (prod. by Lex Luger)

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