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Keep God first !Keep Moving Forward!

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on October 10, 2010 - 1:47pm

They're career criminals with no statute of limitation to prosecute and sue!They are messing using their authority to destroy the innocennt youth-adults-elders using its general public and etc.. to help!

These are crimes federal crimes and State crimes along with breaking city oridance laws!




Breach of Peace

Treason committed by jackasses against Me and Barack Obama,they're committing treason against the president!

I know I don't have split personalities neither do I be talking myself!I don't have mood swings neither !Macon/GA ya'll can tell America !I don't even wanna hear tha lies!Judge Shurling never thought I would take it this far .He had admissible probable caue to make an arrest !He refused !The NAACP and Black Organizations after years of we can't help .I'm blessed the LORD has been my help from day one!I also blessed to have some relible-trustworthy-and etc.. help!Tell your(Macon,GA/Middle GA) informants/citizens working with their fugitives fleeing fron justice!

Isaiah isn't Moses neither does he believe in scarifices neither does he sit still like pharaoh and his army neither does trust a damn thing running around Macon,Ga/Middle Ga!

Double Jeapordy in 2005 Macon,Ga Mayor-Mayor and Municipal Corporation-Cheif of Police-Sheriff-Judges-Prosecuting attorney-Georgia Governor!The Statute is tolled involving Fugitives fleeing from justice and with the fact all defendants have been across GA state line-and etc...!THE FBI agent Adam Preston after violating your oath and immunity with the other defendants ,False witnesses Informants/citizens throughout these years against me and mines!Explain to America why ya'll feel like ya'll too good to go prison-die-and go to hell!This just one case against /crime committed by Career criminals!




Georgia Secretary of State
Voter Registration
Voter History
Status Date/Reason 09/09/2004
Name:Alex D.Harris
Address:964 Maple Street
City :Macon,Ga
REG Date:08/20/2004
GEN ELEC 11/02/2004

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LOL, some people I don't even respond to I think they forget to take their meds.... before they post on this man's site!!!!!

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are you crazy? agansit you and Barak Obama? what are you talkin about bro?