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Love is About Forgiveness

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on October 22, 2010 - 3:56pm

Dear T.I. and other Adoring Fans:

I want to ask your forgiveness for the momentary anger I felt when I heard that T.I. was headed back to jail.  I was angry, and took it very personally and was very disappointed when I heard that T.I. had been arrested while on parole and was caught with controlled substances.  Not because he was doing drugs, what one choses do do with one's own body is your own business.  It was the fact that he was CAUGHT.  I know that seems contradictory but I just felt that T.I. was much smarter than that. However, we all make mistakes and practice poor judgement and because I love and support him as an artist and human being I have to support him and wish him well.  Love (in all it's true forms) is about forgiveness.  It does not keep score.  Even during your hardship you endure with grace and carry yourself well, T.I.  You continue to be a role model and inspiration.  Keep reaching out to our youth and others in need.  And while I am on the subject, get rid of that over-paid, crappy lawyer you have that can't keep a person of your stature out of prison.  FIRE HIM!  If the renowned Jonny Cochran were still around there would be a lot fewer prominent Black stars going to jail. If your attorney was doing his job he would have played the re-hab card long ago.  If you represent someone and really care you have a close, personal and professional relationship with them (I am a realtor) and you give advice and consultation that is the CLIENT's best interest, not your own.  God bless you and keep you T.I.  I will continue to pray for you and yoru family daily.

Mother Soul

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beautiful words .
and i think those beautiful words are silly
for god sake . do you still think that LOVE and FORGIVENESS still exsist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well may be. but WHERE ?
and just leave him alone . he has got all he needs to solve his problems .

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thats the way the game goes you win some and you lose some he is just gonna brush it of and stay on top like always thats y he was crowned the king of da south .....peace UP A~town down

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but there is nothing to forgive he did nothing wrong shit happens

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for real if you need x or a lil green dont ride wit it shyt hit me up no since in travleing with shit dont give them the chance too catch you couse they will they feed on hustle and the game
streets for life

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ok do we now blame t.i's lawyer ? (thinking)

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@ AKHANDINCENSE = I totally agree with your comment, the law is so twisted. I just wished we had more Johnny Cochran's around that could have assisted T.I. with such a minor issue. This is so not right and to Mother Soul thanks for writing this post. We all need to remember, we all make mistakes and practice poor judgement. Yes, T.I. is an inspiration and T.I. is a good role model. Much love to T.I. and his family. And when this is all over and you are safely home, don't do anyone any favors, if they want drugs let themm pick it up themselves. It's not worth the troubles. But you will be ok. You remind me so much of my late husband and I truly admired him.

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love is wishing for others what one postulates for oneself -franz fanon

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I have a problem with your string title Mother Soul......with all due respect....
A String Shot Like that........gets one thinkin' a whole lot deeper......than TI......and his love for the Pen!


Interesting post. I thought about this subject the other day and wondered why rehab wasn't an option. Lest we remember Lindsay Lohan and countless others that went to "jail" for 15 minutes and then to rehab? If Mr. harris has an addiction why not seek help instead of punishment. Oh yeah, I forgot we do live in the republican state of GA. I'm just saying. This whole send T.I. to prison goes a lot deeper than he violated probation. Makes me understand what's really going on. Mr. Harris, my eyes are open and I am in southern GA with prayers of support for you and your family. We got your back.

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It may be important to note that maybe T.I. needs to have a few of the more established entertainers advising him instead. An attorney gets paid (quite well, I might add) to do his/her job. However, in the end they can become another person who is looking to take care of themselves. An older, more knowledgeable entertainer who has "been around the block" has experience that may be of some assistance. Plus, they have nothing to gain from T.I. They have their own success and are not looking to get anything from him. Simply put, an older, wiser dude breaking it down to T.I., helping him look for pitfalls, landmines, avoid the users and haters. God has a way of sending these "mentors" to us, we just have to be ready to receive them.

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that was real. legal team ti pls take ito considerration what the MS is saying . word is bond she love we all love . they just want to do what they want to you. its all good you can do that time on your head. its nothing got adoring peps waiting on you know hurry up no misspell love you

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I can agree with you on that I personal believe that lawyer was not in the best interest of T.I I have personal been faced with that issue a crappy lawyer, but the end of the day God is with us and I no he is with T.I. I truly believe that from my heart. T.I if he gets a chance to read this. I so him at the Essence fest here in New Orleans and he had such a genuine spirit then. Yes, I know he is married and Tiny is so blessed to have a strong gentleman like Tip I wish them the best of luck He caught my attention then because he was so focused about miss movie. I just felt an genuine spirit about him. I wish him the best!!! Diva4Real luv you!! We all fall down but it takes a stronger man to get back up!!!!