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why is t.i in jail

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on December 20, 2010 - 4:32pm

i think he should have kept his promise i dnt understand

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yo Goon chill wit dat shit and watch ya mouf b4 a real nigga hit u in it like me

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'cos he feeels more at home in jail......than OUT....!
Don't sweat it man...!

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1) Stop spamming Black Tulip. You answered like 5 suggestions for nothing.
2) He asked a question, he has the right to know why T.I.P. is in jail. Maybe T.I. needs some privacy, but I think this is not so private 'cause he made a song about this. So, it's none of your buisness if someone wants to know why is he in jail.

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who cares ??
it's none of our buisness
just listen to his songs and don't bother yourself asking why

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He was arrested on drug charges with his wife Tiny.

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Violating the terms of his probation