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Question about his next album ???

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on January 26, 2011 - 1:48pm

what kind of musik you think T.I should do when he get out of jail ?


more pop more trap or he should do this type of lex lugar songs ???

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The I'm back single and teasers were coming hard I think. So if he can do a biig part of that and a strong hook like love the way you lie. Then it's nice :). But not songs like I'm illy, at least I would prefer.. Cuz I like every t.i. song xD , But you know, just prefer the better songs.

Also if you look to songs like Strip. They are hard, but just didnt give a touch and a feeling. Partly because he is not in that position right now.

SO a difficult question..

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I think more music like the album t.i. vs t.i.p. style music. stright raw fire. straight gangsta music

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I'm sure whatever he comes out with we will all be like wooow!!

Andrellionaire's picture

i think he should do what he did before the jail

WhatIseeVolume1's picture

He should stay conscious. Gangsta rap and Hardcore rap should introduce the artist so fans don't think one is soft and going to put out corny shit.

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i think wateva the type, the bra should do more of youth changing music..

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Some classical beat, let us know this time around his goin to put things in the right position & of course some for the hood, let the haters know they shouldn't cross line