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What are your top five T.I songs?

Mellz's picture
on March 11, 2011 - 5:43am

Mine are:

  • Let my beat pound
  • Pornstar
  • Ready 4 wateva
  • I cant help it
  • Raw....... the list goes on and on and on and on!!!!



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Bran Letshwiti's picture

what you know
im back
get back up
dont forget
no mercy

batmans*mami's picture

i agree with angelo:D.

DevotedDad's picture

- My Swag
- Get Loose ft. Nelly
- Top back (both reg. and remix is tight)
- Ride wit me
- I'm a king
The list does go on . . .

People make fun of me, cause any cd i burn for my truck has at least 1 T.I song on it, and many times its more like 4 - 6 songs. T.I, stumpped for some music? Come out with a "hit's" CD. probably fill 2 discs with em, but that would allow you to buy some time before releasing another album. Take your time, and keep that dope shit coming! Simple as that.

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All i know is that my fave tip song is Big thangs poppin' i cant narrow it down to just 5 tho!!!

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@angelo i totally agree with u gal!!!!!! TIP is the bomb choosing is just hard to do........
and this seems to be an issue for most tip fans. ya dig?

xlusungux's picture

ready 4 whatever,big things poppin',no matter what,castle walls n amazin'...i guess i lyk em all

Angelo's picture

hmm i don't have top songs of T.I. cause all of them are tha best
who agree with me?

connie-lou's picture

My top five songs from T.I. are
1. Whatever you like
2 Big shit poppin
3. Live your life
4. Why you wanna
5. Remember Me
.. Finally I like and love all the songs from T.I.

TazLyfe's picture

Swagger like us
the whole grand hustle mix tape in 03