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Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear!!

Grand Hustle A&R's picture
on April 12, 2011 - 10:50am

Grand Hustle consistently brings the heat..No Mercy was comeback of the year. What does it take to get Grand Hustle to listen to an artist trying to come up. Good or bad opinion doesnt matter. Jay "GA" McCallister..Preciate any feedback homeboy.

B's picture

You say you'll be noticed...I'm a female artist, sing, rap, dance etc., if I'm a good artist but don't have the connections, whats your recommendation. You hear a lot....a lot. You see me and you'll stop. How can I get your eyes?

Grand Hustle A&R's picture

Alotta people said the same about BOB... My personal scouting is based on versatility and BUZ something differnt from whats going on in the industry. NewBreed writes, produces and mixes, he just wrote a R&B single for Keri and produced a single and hook for Ross. He is on the rise. I appreciate your support for this talanted young artist.. Keep grindin and you will be noticed. Thanks all comments are appreciated

Gansta Marcus Now On Itunes's picture

Nigga should have got me bra bra. understand loyalty.