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T.I. vs EMIN?M

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on January 10, 2011 - 5:53am
It's hard to compare. Eminem is talented beyond many but T.I. is just the same. The thing is that they are of two entirely different styles of Hip Hop. Eminem battles like a boss and thrives mainly by mentally annihilating his opponents while T.I. Is life from a hustler to a star, like a history book of sorts, more gangsta than anything. How does one decide if Air is better than Water?

wats yours opnion?????

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great debate wit a chance of thinking cs T.I is a hero eminem is greater, T.I story is likely frm street , hustler, life fighter true story of his life and street life even the lyrics is full of messages. But Eminem the real lif is from battle of colors that he is skin white so he cant stand to Hip hop cs its black musics so he try to prove that he can stand .

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Silly discussion started by a STAN honestly

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No-one is denying that Eminem isn't a great rapper but T.I is an outstanding rapper. His lyrics I feel are stronger than Em's and hold more of a bearing on people's lives. T.I is an inspiration and he has shown so many times that he will get back up after anything and everyone is just so anxious for him to get out of jail and hopefully stay out so he can continue to bless us with his music. Respect The King, Salute! Team T.I For Life.

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you guys are discussing this on a T.I Website, i mean yea, its a good comparison, but if it was on a Eminem site you would never see anyone post something comparing him to T.I, there has to be something soo great-full about eminem that people on trapmuzik thought about comparing T.I to him...Both these rappers have been through similar situations, the difference between these two, is eminem was the first real white rapper which makes him just more amazing then anyone else just by that...also, Eminem has made a name for him self from Dr.Dre, he started putting himself out there by dissing and making fun of other celebs, but T.I has made it to the same level of fame by just staying on one style...i dont chose any.

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t.i. is the king for a resson. and as far as it goes t.i. is 2pac replacement. and 2pac was by far the best rapper in the game.

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Eminem is a good lyricist even though his content is mostly BS that I can't support. All this weirdo shock music from Odd Future and Lil B those corny little dudes is because of Eminem. Tip is more Scarface, 2Pac, Ice Cube in his prime. He doesn't waste time trying to see how many words he can fit in a bar while not saying anything, that's why I will always prefer TIP over a rapper like Eminem. By the way, why are Eminem fans always reaching? Go to youtube listening to another rappers music watch Em fans come to someone elses page and start talking about Em. It's like his fans can't rest until everyone feels he is the greatest or better than the person you prefer, which is simply not true

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Both are the best rappers in the Game to me, but i personaly like T.i.'s music alot more den eminem. But eminem is still one of the best rappers tho

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You cannot live without water or air; they are both equally a big part of your life so the same applies to this situtation. T.I. and Shady are also a big part of peoples lifes. I personally think they are both great jus on two totally different levels.

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T.I is a really good rapper.. but Eminem is the Definitely THE BEST!!!!! NO DOUBT!! Ii mean have you heard his lyrics!!! the guy can come up with anything like that * even about his life and its got meanin too.. just listen to mockingbird, when I'm gone, no apologies, BEAUTIFUL, sing for the moment, like toy soldiers.....

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Tatz a good one Shady! 2 me I think T.I.P. is more famous and a G than Eminem.
But at da same time Eminem isnt a terrible Rapper either so...
T.I. is KING! So what do you think?

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They are different; however, its obvious that you are a fan of Eminem and therefor have a biased opinion. I can appreciate his lyricism, but, "battles like a boss... mentally annihilating his opponents," I don't think is accurate. Alot of the times Eminem seems like a rags to riches, got lucky, only white boy in the game who can throw some lyrics. kind of a rapper, while T.I has true talent to write and spit some deep shit. Big difference, I think.

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they r too different. TIP give more effortlessly EM is great but i cant listen too his music anything ft. Eminem is off the chain but as a whole i cant vibe..... A better comparison, 2pac because of vocabular and flaw.

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I think they're both obviously very taleneted both succesful both legends both lyrically brilliant.... But i like T.I. better always been a tip fan always will be! Its the sheer diversity of his songs, you got the club bangers, the songs for the ladies, the real gansta tip hardcore anthems, the self conscious ones, the motivational ones his swagga him as a person i could go on and on!!
That's my opnion... It's the kiiiiiiiiing Bitch haha ; )

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no competiton T.I wins hands down, Eminem is a ledgend and all but T.I just about beats him, all T.I lyrics fit in perfect and so clear where as the other rappers you cant even understand and most of the time you have to look up the lyirics and T.I has more meaningful songs and just amazing its hard to explain absolute The best

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Eminem rules but T.I's songs are also cool.


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You know T.I. songs are way more sensible. They touch you in teh heart know I'm saying?
But when Em goes on the mic, he spits faster, but sometimes I think he only use a lyric because it rhymes, cuz it doesnt fit in. But you Em is a great rapper, best of the world as well as T.I.
1 King brother of 1 Emperor haha.

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first T.I. has the mental game as well if you were a tru fan u would know just listen to live ya life and if u have heard "fuck a mix tape" you would also know that T.I. is not gonna entertain that

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I think they are both crazy....! very disturbed I might add........and REALLY SOUND ALIKE!
What do u know....! Maybe the same freak in two different birthday suits!!

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Em has way too much anger he needs to deal with.

Angelo's picture

T.I. is better!
He has songs about the REAL life!

Shady_2's picture

thats y i stopped dude....
n btw u r here wid no opinion

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Shady, you asked for someone's opinion. Not argue when you disagree.

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Don't take whatever you like, this is not a song with good lyrics. Compare this

Dead and gone (Tip)-----------Just loose it (Em)
Slide Show (Tip)--------- 3 A.M. (Em)
And many more

You see, we can't really compare lyrics... But overall, i think T.I.'s better than Em

Shady_2's picture

@zelmer: i dont think so, n yahhhh wattttttttt u talking bout lyrics???????????????????
cut the crap dude t.i. lyrics stand nowhere in front of EM's... just compare these songs lyrics...
whatever you like (ti)----------- mosh(em)
get back up(ti)-------------------- mockingbird(em)
n many more...................
ti's is totally different than em, his style of rap n lyrics, songs meaning r all different compare to em....
i will love 2 say that ti comes in more hip hop category rather than in rap, cuz it really doesn't suit him....

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In my opinion, T.I.P. is better cause of his style, his lyrics... But they're both really great and in my opinion, Eminem is 2nd.

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in ma eyes EM ur d best.....