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on July 30, 2011 - 1:43pm

Is T.I. still the King with Wayne, Ross, and others currently not slowing down? Is it just me or does T.I. seem like he doesnt want to really rap anymore? 

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How could you even ask a question like that everybody know

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T. I. P is KING yesterday, today and tomorrow! Believe that,partner!

CakesBo0 Honey's picture

Of course TI is the king and will always be no matter what happen in or to the rap game.

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It's just you

oyinloye bolu's picture

T.I.P's the king wayne knowes it and said so on T.I.P' track yeah nd ross iz satisfied wif being the boss..... nd err IT'S THE KING BITCH

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Now what kinda question is that? Till he retires the title he will always be KING
Nd please dont put Lil wayne rick ross nd the KING in the same category..... smh

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Yeah! hez stil tha king... nd wil olwayz b,,he jus nidz sme tym 2 gt bck on hez feet snce hez release.

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Recognize the King is competition there...outstanding flow and lyrics like that......Just saying

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:O damn.. dhaats shocking.. T.I. is KING!! no one can beat him! and no one has tried to while he was in jail! they cant step up too T.I.! .. T.I. is the most unique, smartest greatest rapper to jump up! his music speaks an relates to me alot! i hope the very best for @Tip

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Who cares what people can say? The truth is we would not even be discussing King of the South without you know who. The truth is he put more people to work with trap muzik than most presidents.

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@EVS4098 i agreee... dont matter who is at the top right now.. what matters is who's music speaks to the fans the most.

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Alot of people can say Wayne is King, He's been around longer he sells and some believe he is the best rapper alive...

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When you're the King, you don't have to drop a new album ever 15 min like other rappers.
“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” Plato.