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Feedback and Suggestions

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on June 25, 2010 - 4:00pm

We created this special category to hear what you think about! Are you enjoying uploading content to share with fellow fans and the video and music pages? Are there features you would like us to add?  We welcome you to comment here with all of your suggestions and feedback for  We will be checking this regularly and looking forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE — Thanks for the feedback everyone.  We heard you loud and clear on the chat functionality. You can now find chat here:

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I have a suggestion for AKOO clothing line. I have a 11 year old son who is in the 6th grade. He once told me when he was 5 that he looked up to T.I because he was a self made millionaire. I respected that coming from a 5 year old but today despite the given circumstances, T.I is still his role model. As I review the Akoo fall collection, I see you do not have a kids line. My son's school has a dress code that states they must only wear polo-type shirts, any kind. He would love to rock T.I's brand during his middle school years. Thats all he talks about getting big so he can wear AKOO. Just a thought, maybe you should start a young boys line. I know my son will break me behind trying to make sure he gets it all.


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hi ti i just want u to no that yes i am your biggest fan i just admired u when i read what ppls say bout your wife i be like tiny u no y hating on cause u got somethin they want T I,,so let those hater hate.TI my nieces laugh at me when i talk bout u cause i tell them my dream is to meet u even when i was coming up other than michael jackson therer was never a singing or a rap i ever wanted to meet but i would love to meet u and have a drink and a little chit chat just for a minute with u and your wife keep doing u TI god is blessin u right now]] YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN ME

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I still LOVE your "I'm Serious" CD the best!!!! I even go to bed with it on!! My fav song is I Just Ain't Forgave Myself".! You still the "Man"!!! Forget the haterz!

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T I ... Great Job! Keep them coming, Great performance on Takers. check out and Bless!

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let the haters hate, they can participate, making money is my fate, how can i get TI to ma party?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, yo bro help a brother out, struggling, throwing a party with fine hunnies, at the fines hotel in dallas, trying to come up,

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go t.i

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Yes I am uploading content and enjoy seeing what has to offer....I think this is a great site...however I think that you could possibly expand your merchandise area...I only say this because I have been looking for over a week trying to find a T.I. poster...of any purchase and have been very UNsuccessful. Other than that ...I luv this shit!

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Everyone Join My Website

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Please tell TI that he'd better not quit his day job, as he is one of the worst actors I've ever seen.

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Good 2 go!!!

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Congratulations on "The Takers" I am not surprised and glad for you all and especially for you and Chris Brown. That is why all of you have a lot of influences and I would appreciate if you use that to see that your followers realize that we are working with President Obama to make it better for all and they can do the same by going out and registering to vote. Do not just register, but going out to vote. You are accomplished and many that support you are not. They need to provide for themselve and their family. This is something that need to be address and all of you guys being a part of, no one gain this success without climbing on some strong shoulders that also kicked the doors open for you all to have and to be where you are. There is still work to do and we need all of your help, the President needs your help, so please help it is crucial! See you at BayFest in Mobile.

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Appreciate the feed.

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I have been a loyal fan for years... My children are fans of yours but unfortunately we are from "The Armpit of America" as you so eloquently stated on national tv and I must say it was a very hurtful thing. We may be a small country town, and we may not have the best but you have a lot of fans there. A lot of young black men who idolize you even though you think they shouldn't. You are a smart man, and you know that words have meaning and carry power, I don't understand why then would you say something damaging against a town that you really don't know. We have enough negativity there as it is. There are not jobs, the schools are under furnished and it's not asthetically appealing but it is ours. We have pride, we have people who have risen out of the ashes to be sucessful so please don't think we take it lightly that you have ridiculed us on national television in front of a caucasian audience.... We are owed an apology that is if you are as humble as you potray yourself to be in your documentaries..... Oh and don't be surprised if there is backlash and uproar behind this because we are not all stupid as you make us out to be. And as much as I want to see your movie I can't knowing how you feel about the very place that made me who I am.

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Add a fuckin' feed to the blog.

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T.I has so much to promote. Movie, album,clothes etc..He's really back.

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congrats on the movie and the album they both look amazing!

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Congratulation's on the new movie Taker's It's awsome.'s picture

T.I. congratulations on your new movie "TAKERS" - - - now how about calling Camerson Crowe to discuss casting you in his movie about the life story of Marvin Gaye?

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Congrads to you..... I wish I was there to celebrate :)

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hey girls

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ADD-A-FEED-TO-THIS-WEBSITE. Amazing how y'all didn't already. AMAZING.

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Be real......

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Well..... I guess....Ur listenin' to U......congratulate U, hype U, Sych up U...... and generally..... feel...... ALL THAT........ ain't .....THAT...hard to get used to......yeah!

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Do u ever get tired of makin urself feel good....? hmmmm..... I reckon not!

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Hey, the shop and clothes looks nice and all, but where's the female line??! T.I. I know you're a busy guy and all, but c'monnn now. I know Tiny must have some imput on the women's line of clothing, she's a female with style! Gotta get it together so the ladies can sport the Akoo look too. Hopefully you're already on that path, can't wait to see some more new looks. Peace.

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You guys are good so far. I have to say this LOVE THE NEW LOOK!! Gosh I was losing hope when I logged on to the old website. Just created a new account today...been tied up but sweet!! The look is very professional. I'd like some good forums and discussions. I will committ to resond if you guys post some. I believe these discussions will introduce a new part of T.I. It seems like the only attracted parties aren't the exact crowd you guys were looking for and that kind of limits the network. Lets talk real talk. If not love what you guys did here. Sweet, congrats with the film...

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the tracks from the 'Music' section stop playing as soon as you click on another tab to look at something else. I'd like to read up on the 'News' section of TrapMuzik while still listenin' to T.I.'s songs. Other than that, website is on point.

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i hav tu sai i didnt like rap befo but thu first time i heard u rap i sed tu mi self "i shud strt listenin tu rap" so i did and i love it. so thx bro

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t.i rules