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Feedback and Suggestions

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on June 25, 2010 - 4:00pm

We created this special category to hear what you think about! Are you enjoying uploading content to share with fellow fans and the video and music pages? Are there features you would like us to add?  We welcome you to comment here with all of your suggestions and feedback for  We will be checking this regularly and looking forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE — Thanks for the feedback everyone.  We heard you loud and clear on the chat functionality. You can now find chat here:

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i think u guys did a greeeeaaat job by creating a fanbased page for us t.i fans..... am loving it!!! i havent seen a free video preview option is there one? if not, plz add that!!

Its Grand-Hustle Homie!!!

tange's picture

remember u dont know me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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respect it and it is a very useful site. Check out SCMC

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support,respect n love everything TRAPMUZIK n TI

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T.I. , nigga you surprise me each and every day; men you got content.
You know what it is?

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blessings to the man .TI .he's the one and only god bless and keep you in his prayer and so you no your not alone. whil you in that stinking place i and i know lots of other have you in they prayer's so you keep that head of your's up cause we all love you TI

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I'd like to hear more frequent updates from Tip himself on how he is doing.

terrance Howl's picture

when is another single coming?!! I would think grand hustle would have released castle walls to take the album to platium.... duh

Raha Jr's picture

What I fail to understand is why should the news of King have a good time with her wife go all over the sites. Do whatever you like King, let no hater stop ya..

MitchellToole17's picture

king whats up dis ya boy M.T just keep dat shit poppin and doin what you do.

Fernando's picture

Trapmuzik is cool. I think that they should keep up DA good work. KING

NYANZI HENRY's picture is really gud for us,me in particullar,because i have gotten a chance of writting to my BEST RAPPER TI the KING even when am down far this way in Africa thanx to,kip it up.

browntoewonders's picture

Please Hurry and Address the Nude picture of T.I. spreading through the internet! My gut feeling tells me it is a FAKE..I hope So :-(

ieshia osias's picture

forever i love ATLANTA TRAPSTAR 6

T.I.G.'s picture

now i don't even know how to open my page or create one

Dena Miller's picture

I love the track -Get Back Up-Its the realest. Much meaning!

deanna181's picture

Hi T.I.! Giving shout outs from houston, texas! I just wanna say thank you for providing us with hit records each year for us to listen to. keep doing what do.

Monzahh Babyy's picture

your soo daynmm perfectttt wishh i could meet you.
biggest fan riight here !!
loving your music adoressssss you
obsessed wif you, boy u should see my bedroom wall :\
youl cry from how much i look up on you T.I.P

hellbent's picture

is it possible to purchase the no mercy dog tags by themself?

kim_2's picture

I love your music wil never stop listening to it keep your4 head up

Yungnobby's picture

its tha king whose on tha lead ,T.I

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TIfrom48's picture

You are the King and thats it. Loving the album you always bring me out when I am down. Keep your head waiting on you to tour due to hard economic times I wasnt able to come see you @ Sisters only but I will see you when you get out. You can take that to the bank partner.

brass oti's picture

TI..... they dont call you the king of south for no reason..

Strawberry's picture

T.I. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and true some negative things have come about in your life, but you also have done a lot of positive thigs as well. First and foremost people have to understand that you are not GOD and therefore mistakes are going to be made, the thing about mistakes are if you don't learn from them is when you continue to fall, keep ya head up and live, love and let God......keep bringing the music as only you can...

Tone Ward's picture

TIP CD bangin boi... Keep yo head up... We need a concert up here in Detroit whn you get out....

lady yo's picture

I am a fan of T.I. when he did those shows on redemption road prior to him going to jail - he was actually helping these young children getting there lifes in order and some what helping him self and that was all good but i really think about doing it again and take it a step further and not only he would be helping the community but helping himself as well.......we can do it and work together and get these young children off the street of redemption and show them there is life after death and patient is a virture ------ you want it bad enough you can do it --- your fan ms lady yo

bombo_michaels's picture

T.I... yhur the man...a listen to musik from here...its only ur music i officially come to this site to listen to...trapmusik makes a whole lot of sense...buh i cant get a shipment to ma country..anyway, i would figure smthn out...T.I you the BOSS