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Feedback and Suggestions

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on June 25, 2010 - 4:00pm

We created this special category to hear what you think about! Are you enjoying uploading content to share with fellow fans and the video and music pages? Are there features you would like us to add?  We welcome you to comment here with all of your suggestions and feedback for  We will be checking this regularly and looking forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE — Thanks for the feedback everyone.  We heard you loud and clear on the chat functionality. You can now find chat here:

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was baby i miss da king tell da feds to ease da fuck u hatin t.i

RayK's picture

i cnt write ti!

sasha's picture

hey boo....i love u so much....ur music the bst ever it really as alot of stories tht i can relate to.....u inspire me sooo much keep doing wht u doing hun....n remember to always bt god frst as u said"god will take u thru hell jus 2 get u 2 u hope 2 c u 1day tht wud b a dream cum u

angel_2's picture

this is by far the hottest web site out there. i cant get enough of it.

diamond84's picture

Looking forward to listen to more of your music when you get out.

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I keep getting an error mssg when I write T.I.

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You know they say mo money-mo problems but damn if I wouldn't love to be a baller for a day!
T.I. I may be your oldest fan however I was listening to your song "Get Back UP" and that's what I want you to do. Your rap is so on point that it's timeless and no matter how long they try to keep you off the mic you keep getting back up on you game. I prayed for your family in your absence and I enjoyed Tiny's show which shows how women should hold it down for their man. Be smart out here because haters are scandulous and they don't care who they hurt and how they destroy. Love your children and give them the best life, and education you can give them.

Much love from Naptown, where everybody is not SLEEP!

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TIP....The Takers...Best idea ever... ablack man major film ....headline actors and its all yours? not to mention Chris Brown when the world basically turned their backs?????? I have always been a n TIP supporter... I understand GET BACK UP....coming from being the Lady even niggas....understand... when i was 23 i had a baby and my world changed.....people dont the eyes of america for you i the eyes of my a bogus ass,gotta be working for the people...yada yada.....i get up an work everyday.......aint been in bullshit for 17 years .......what the ?????? they love when u up....HATE you when you down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wuzup MAN!!! I'm from Kazakhstan and i make beats! I Saw ur msg in twitter, with link to dpeterson on blazetrak, i want to say that i must spend 100$ to send my ONE work to him? isnt it crazy thing man?))) can i send only ONE my work for free?? i wrote it in your style. ONLY ONE work, u will hear it, if u don't like, i will never send u my works and never wrote...

peace UP!!! like ur tracks)

Salute the king's picture

Salute the king.. U inspire me mr Clifford!

lil eel's picture

T.I. is my idol.

School Girl's picture

I cant email TI today so I'm upset..please make sure I have access to send him an email please....

Sideways's picture

Uzbekstan with You !

YoungCarl's picture

Of Trapmuzik.

YoungCarl's picture

I Like Thee old Version.

B's picture

I tries the "write TI' icon....either it takes forever or it doesn't work!

Abbie Appiah's picture

its more than great i love havin it and knowin abt tip..............

Grand Hustle A&R's picture

Soon to be Grand Hustle rookie artist be the first to hear the leak!!

chuslo's picture

this website is great I enjoy havin to know abat ma man TI

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You don't need to live in the ghetto to rap or rep about it! Stay true pimpin' 1000's of people roll on X each day, 100's get caught . . . only one gets blasted in the news! Keep it real, and stay low with that shit, losing a rapper like you to the system would be a F*CK*NG shame! Mad Love!

lamborghini's picture

you are the best nigga ever live yo...

diamondgirl's picture

i love you tip i got the cd no mercy and i love it i'm a big fan i'm folowin u on twitter i love your music and i saw takers i got the dvd


TI is a great personality and to Trap thanks for the opportunity



TazLyfe's picture

More backstage videos of the day to day in the life of T.I

gifftayy :D's picture

i think T.I should come london after his release!!

kasy   joshua   yoas's picture

u guyss r fly