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Feedback and Suggestions

Trap Muzik Webcrew's picture
on June 25, 2010 - 4:00pm

We created this special category to hear what you think about! Are you enjoying uploading content to share with fellow fans and the video and music pages? Are there features you would like us to add?  We welcome you to comment here with all of your suggestions and feedback for  We will be checking this regularly and looking forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE — Thanks for the feedback everyone.  We heard you loud and clear on the chat functionality. You can now find chat here:

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CakesBo0 Honey's picture

Is it possible to add more mobile features? Upload photos from iPhones and other smart phones, start decussions from mobile phone on a supporting platform.

2Fernando's picture

T.I., I right now. Pledge Allegiance to your Swag. Your the baddest, keep doin what you do. Give us more hits!!

key2806's picture

1 time for zone1. Tip man you ride a beat like no other REAL TALK... I been a fan since IM SERIOUS. My folk played that still aint forgave myself track and i been hooked every since. I also respect the way you overcome all ADVERSITY. I guess us LIBRAS are just built like that. Keep doing ya thing folk the game needs you. IM FLEXIN stay on repeat!!!!!!!

CakesBo0 Honey's picture

Thank You?
Keeping it lit, I'm enjoying this hot new track.
You know you did a good job, continue to deliver the hits?

bonafidegurl25's picture

yeah i see the light of da dolla today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LEELOO's picture

KING you are the BESt artist of our era. You inspired me, kept me sane , helped me trough the worse times with your relentless strenght and faith. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Look into your positive future with joy! I love you.

jamesm's picture

T.I. is amazing Happy Birthday Your music is amazing

Loryne Stn's picture

TI...AWSAM...ur the legend and the KING!!!

Luka1991's picture

T.I...I have only 2 words to say about tihs man...legend...T.I is Tha king!!

justin chaitoo's picture

TO IT THEY JUST SOME THINGS THAT YOU GOING THOUGTH AND it is your be here but your know you will be soon they not you from your life is just up and down and you need help see will you be here soon i think you said that somethings you can help but will you be home soon bro you need keep your head up i got the put you back but know that things are getting better we care a but you that mean there is a lot of to be done you still theKING you have HOPE good friends you be find i care for you and FAMILY and when came back world now is it came you a better person now so get you TI AND YOUR HIGH BRO JUST ABOUT THERE BOB KILL MIKE AND PLAY DO NOTTHKIDS KEEP ON PATH BRO

nene035's picture

hi t.i. i heard about what the feds are doing to you,it's wrong they trying to break you down i feel it's not going to happen. you're a great person and rapper with GOD on your side things will work out. i love what you stand for me and my kids listen too you, me and my husband tell them to listen to what rappers are saying before you say he's hard i like his music in doing that they say you're the realist my husband wants me to tell you he is one of your biggest fans!!! we will keep praying for you to come home soon to your family. you have a strong woman behind you i respect and love your relationship. they can't keep a good man locked forever they seem scared of having you out because of what you stand for and your influence on people thats great not bad! well take care we're waiting on your return reading and watching GOD BLESS you

rodney's picture

Yo! Wats sup,king luv ya music..kip it blazin..# 1 fun.

Aaliyah's picture

I've been trynna write to TIP for months... i thought it was my phone or computer but i think the problem is down your end. Please fix it!

Pocahontas The Butterfly's picture

TIP I'm back! I have always been a loyal fan of yours since Trap Muzik and always will be!

bonafidegurl25's picture

wasup tip im wit my dude but im just chillin wondering how da king is doing!!!!!!!!!!!

bonafidegurl25's picture

hey daddy im at the hotel playin trick or treat but anyway take this opportunity to give thanks to god who saved a wreach like me but t.i im glad u are out of that shit hole tip i got 4 different charges but dats another story. but i love u and remember if u need me im here from da heart.

Moses's picture

yoh i cnt wait 4 wat T.I is gan us i knw he was released 2day

bonafidegurl25's picture

wassup t.i i want u tomake love to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigzebo's picture

The write T.I. send message button isn't working.

JANIE GAMEZ's picture

I have missed your voice on the radio. This summer wasn't the same without the KING!!!!!

Coca's picture

I love it keep it coming you know you are the king

TUCK DOGG's picture

waiting for tip to hit the streets

Angelia Sanchez's picture

I love you TI and your music I believe you still represent a powerful force,don't let anything or anyone help take away you and your talents again.Yes you are handsome but it it what I see and hear in and out of your individuality protect and secure your family and career and yes have fun ,you must stay free for this ,watch your back and associates,you are a sourse to be reconned with because you are intelligent,and street wise and verbally gifted ,in advance I want to say wecome home !!! King TI

mels's picture

we miss you..............Best Rapper Alive

Rhymes Z's picture

Hello Big Bro Harris.God should keep the flame in you! We in Africa love your music.Cameroonians are fans.Luv ya bro

preaw<3's picture

my name is preaw . I old 15 Year . The first song I heard was dead and gone.
I like the tone of your voice and i like you very very.
I want got your picture and signature. It is the only thing I want to ask. It's not too much
(I'm just an ordinary fan who did not want anything more to it than just what is requested. Sent by e-mail me. Please.)

aconcernedparent's picture

What a Journey and again, it is almost over, thanks for sharing. You followed your yellow brick road, It's a blessing to see your wisdom grow despite it all as you continue to take care of yourself...You are going to be just fine. As Always, A concerned Parent

bonafidegurl25's picture

hey daddy just wanted to tell u i cant wait till u come to dc and do a show i love the king of da south and we can get a room on da other side of town hey tip i was fiendin for u.

jy-kid's picture

hello trap muzic,grand hustle, and team TIP ground,i like a lot the experience of the existence of the blog.T.i u mean more to my life worth living....king!hold on to peace

YacPics's picture

Hi Tell 9-25 I'm mailing his July Letter Tomorrow #LibraSwagga #TeamTip