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2010 Singles


Average: 4.8 (156 votes)
Release date: 
August 17, 2010
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dis shit is hottt.

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You just CAN NOT get past it.....Freak!......But ....Hey...Its OK....
I'll say a Couple of Prayers for U...... to TRY....organize a way for ur ass!
......though ur sins be many.......our Father will forgive U.......'cos HE knows u didn't mean it!
Just like u say.....yeah!

The Goon's picture

REHAB is a MUST.....

The Goon's picture

You should pay more attention to SOME of your own lyrics .....freak....." STILL....Kinda reckon the POWER to complete CHANGE .....and all other BRAIN FUCKIN' Games.... is in the GUN......when .....overall its in YOUR HEART..."

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OLDIRTY69's picture

This MotherFucker right here!!!

martialruff's picture

hi guys!! ill like 2 know if this album is already avilable..

Deon Walcott's picture

The realest! Still stands!

tane925's picture

It's tha KING B*TCH!!!!

shakysouth187's picture

@charris1978 what the fuck do u think whatever you like was

shakysouth187's picture

ill have this album the very first day its out.......GRAND HUSTLE.......FUCK ive got every album except "Trap music"i cant find it

TisImportant's picture

I like I'm Back cause haters do things and think they are doing something. And when you make a big come back its the most amazing thing. They have that crazy look on their faces LOL ha !!!!!!!!!!!

jay nike's picture

"Ya Hear Me"

tommynathan's picture

Amazing song!

charris1978's picture

Can u put atleast one chick song on this one???

rosbel_wockeez's picture

got your rocking that song right kow...

imm'ran's picture

Its around tha corner..just chill n wait...gonna LOV..

Heather_3's picture

The Album Cover is AMAZING! Right on point ;)

BabyGirl2010's picture

I like everything you come out wit i love you so much. U tha greatest no matter what.

kln621's picture

wow its going be so GOOD!!! CANNOT WAIT!! =)

Jet's picture

THis is going to be an awesome album!! Can't wait!!!!! :)

Valdemar_Méndez7's picture

don´t hope that there is gonna be to much pop in da album

Carter's picture

cant w8 for dis album! ur the best rapper ever T.I.P.

Mohamed Swaid's picture

Cant wait to get the album woow
it will rap everybody

Tiffany Nicloe Kilby's picture

King of the South

T.I.007's picture

The long awaited King is back.
Can't Wait for the Album to drop

Theabuck's picture

right on keep it real

80zPr0duKT's picture

I Know thiz album will b dope T.I.P Pimpin

ahog18's picture

new songs are eh, hope the album will top Paper Trail

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Just A m a z i n g '