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2010 Singles


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August 17, 2010
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Let's be honest, and if you are a real fan if T.I. you can't honestly say that this news song that dropped today was a good song. For one he is talking about swag, it's 2010 and he is rapping about swag. Tip do you remember the song Swagger Like Us? That was back in 2008ish and now it is 2010 and you are still talking about the same exact subject? GTFOH, My favorite album is Trap Muzik but my favorite song is "Dopr Boyz In The Trap" off the album "I'm Serious". Every album after Trap Muzik has sounded the same, and that shows that Tip hasn't shown any growth as an artist. Yeah maybe his bank account has grown significantly, but he hasnt dropped anything that make his fans want to do better so if you think about it Tip is "piss poor morally". In the words of Lauryn Hill "Music is suppose to inspire" so i figure what Tip is trying to say is get your swag up people. I WILL NOT EVEN GET A PIRATED COPY OF KING UNCAGED WHEN IT COMES OUT. Is it safe to say that TI is washed up? Well if the music he putting is what we are to go by then i say yes TI is washed up!!

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King Uncaged Is Going 2 B Krazy T.I.P & Trey Songz On Another Track Cant Wait 4 Dat,Cant Wait Till It Hit Stores,No Bottlegin People Go Buy It,And No LimeWire Please If Really Fuck Wit T.I.P,Keep It Loopy!!!!!!

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T.I.P Is #.1 For A Reason Albums Is Classics, Movies Great,Cloths Wat A Good Look,King Of Da South Need I Say More

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T.i iz da best hiz shit go hard...

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ya hear me :) cooool song .

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i love the movie takers TIP was a awsome actor in this movie, i also love his music. please make some more movies ti.

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He's more fun making the movie, no rapping. Hehe, nice -_-''

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is he releasing a new single soon????

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ok i really cant wait for this album!!

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when this album will be released?! can't wait no longer..

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I like TIP's progressions in most of his music as well as the lyrics. The way he rides beats on each track building bars to a photo graphic image. That influences me to work harder in the studio.

Be eazy man...

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Eyy KING u still puttin it down like never b4 bro, keep tha hustle up man and a give big wave for all the haters coz these N****z really can't c ya. keep on keepin on playa....... u dig!
P.s we still hungry 4 da new album dawg u already killin it with them hitz.

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I love it! Can't wait to buy it! LOVin TIP

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King of the south still goin hard i luv it

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This 4 tracks sucks, sorry TIP this is not you.

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I am going to lose my mind waiting for this albumn! I have all of his cds, he's the kinggggggggggg.

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you can show who is a King of Da South!

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more T.I.P. ;)

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update from T.I. on the cd being pushed back:

from what i've read online so far, he has not set a new date...looks like it was Sept 28 but it was pushed back further :(

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I mean he's the King,the only other raper dat even cums close is wayne but wen TIP drop,no zig-zaggin str8 2 tha top!

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when does the album cum out tip

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Straight up illest album cover iv ever seen right here...

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when does the new abulm king uncage come out what date will that be

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i from russia. i don't know english. listen to T.I.

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(Ya Hear Me) is the worst song T.I. has ever done. I don't like the beat or the lyrics. Step ya game up TIP, take it back to da Trap one time. like you say, this shit is way to pretty. Fuck that nigga T.I. where is TIP.

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Die Hard fan #1.. right here @ jack wright ;)

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Based on the four songs that have been released thus far from King Uncaged, only diehard T.I. fans are going to go buy the album. These songs simply don't compare to the singles that were released before Paper Trail. For this reason, moving the release date to late September (I've heard) should prove to be a good decision for T.I. He reportedly has a new single set to come out any day now, so, with the hype that this and perhaps another song yet to be released may hopefully bring, more people will purchase the album -- not just the diehards, like me.

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September 28 is tooooooo long to wait for this album. I have been bumpin I'm back off the internet since April...Sh*t starting to get old, if you wait too long people may not buy it cause they can just downloaded it off the internet into their ipods.

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I went to go get the Album on the 18th of August only to be told that it hadn't been released. I was so pissed. I had to drive to the next city to get it because they closed down the only music store where I live and Walmart don't sell albums with explict lyrics. So when does it come out?