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2010 Singles


Average: 4.8 (156 votes)
Release date: 
August 17, 2010
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Jerridixin's picture

filin it to th max. Gret job tip...n happy brthday to th king...

Pherreira's picture

look my version to I'm Illy

devontesk8time's picture

I always looked up to you Tip im A King Of Oneself.

Nicholas Kitenge's picture

kan wait 4 the album to drop nnd happy b'day to tha king of the south T.I it a new beginning so start off well nnd you a new man nnd you start a new chapter think b4 every step u make GOD BLESS YOU NND UR FAMILY IT GRAND HUSTLE HOMIE

thechozenone1's picture

when is this cd comin out been waiting and waiting... decide on a date and release it!! this has never happend with any of the previous 7 albums!!!

Big T's picture

4 DAYS !!!
cant wait to get it !

Lenora Herron's picture

I am Lovin that song Got your Back with Keri Hilton.

lawanda Williams Morris's picture

I'm loving Trey right now number 8 is my JAM!!

hazeymilo's picture

still comin out on tuesday ryt? im almost sick of treys new shit already

Rubba Band Man's picture

same here

freshmckinzie89's picture

i've always looked up to T.I.

Big T's picture

@T.I. 43>3 howd u get the album already?
i pre oredered it also
i dunt have it yet

T.I. 43>3's picture


T.I. 43>3's picture

Omg i love this CD im soo glad i have it :)
he is sooo cute...

loveutip's picture

So cool! I love this song!

sas2014's picture

the best songs ever! good job trappin T.I.P

devronesha's picture

when is he gonna b in concert ???

umm's picture


Lbwalton's picture

Can't wait!

T.Y.'s picture

All ya rappers ain't redy for this! The King Of The South is Back! Like T.I. said Bring Em Out!

T.Y.'s picture

T.I. the best rapper in the rap gang, this Lil T.Y., praying to finish high school n go n da rap gang like Mr.Harris aka "T.I", HOLLA AT ALL YA T.I. fans later

hazeymilo's picture

haaaa homeboi said i hope.. real shit tho tip make sure yo shit drop 28th jus lost my damn ipod to the pool again!!

Ce Ce's picture

THIS IS THE HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PAPPL's picture

release date is september 28th i hope

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mrtucka2u's picture

Man I cannot WAIT for this album...the dude hasn't sold a flop yet...and just keeps on pushin' (and I ain't talking bout the white for all you Bun B fans out there)

Jakob's picture

To bad it's delayed and don't come out September 28th anyway

quetteal's picture

Sound always seem to impress me more with your talent....Go head baby...

*King A*'s picture

Get this when it comes out on the 28th cuz if this isn't one of the best albums of the year then don't know what will??..keep it up cliff