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No Mercy

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October 18, 2010
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hottestniggasnotout's picture

still killing em! keep killing em!

julian's picture

dis is of d hizzle.

kendle guy's picture

Big Zino told me don't worry kendle guy my niggar i gat you, not just cause i want you cause i gat you , you probably can't stop a bomb with a bullet proof cause its the impossible. its only logical that i ain't in the........ YET. but am keeping my...... UP, am out.

panther421967's picture

i can't wait until no mercy comes out i love all your music.

killahkid1992's picture

why is t.i. going bak to jail and when is kiig uncaged coming out?

Bryan Blaze's picture

this song is the business, Tip speaks the truth no matter what goes. i love it:D keep up the great work son

King_16's picture

Love this song T.I.!!! This is just so true... just keep ya head up and you have to know that we ( true fans ) we are always wit you no matter what!!

i_Khandi's picture

Love da song!!!!

LOVELY's picture

May god bless T.I. and family. Things happen...we as people are not perfect and no one has the right to judge another person. I see worst everyday on the streets where I'm from and people get away with so much.....Your good out weighs your bad, so who cares...LIFE is all about learning's just ashame that because T.I. is famous, all his dirty laundry is out for the world to see.GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART! THATS ALL THAT MATTERS.

Angelo's picture

Cool song!

caleya green's picture

I really like this song because I think this song came from the heart whenever I'm down I listen to it.

chanto's picture

amazing song :)!

King809's picture

great song .. and great message

tiffany_8's picture

I love u tip!I can't wait to your cd comes out!

collins collins's picture

Plz let NO body judge T.I.P

Alex Block's picture

when drops the album??????????

jaykastle's picture

u spoke the truth on this track yo.another classic tip...ur true fans are gonna stick by ya bro..we here for ya..real talk.

BOSSLADY_2's picture

Nice message

bigsexyred01's picture

I've been through this (judgement)...not fun...who better to collab with then Chris B..we are all human..we make mistakes...God says that we should not judge and to forgive...I admire the strength that you display and respect your family for the support system they provide for you...thanks on behalf of your TRUE fans!!!

kbrett2004's picture

love the song. very inspirational and talking about real shyte. gonna be looking for another hot album when you get out. best of luck to ya and God speed dude.

GwenGwen's picture

ii give props to my bby tip he did a really good job wit dis song..iit says everything he feels and goin thruu and ii hope everybody listens to dis song and understands wat hes goin thru kause sum people juzt dont understand hes human and everybdy makes mistakes not only kause hes famous iit aint diffrenttt...diss song iis gonna be a hit ii kould feel iit :) ily t.i

Big T's picture

wats the deal wit his album ?

j_stoner101's picture

really feelin it.

King#2's picture

New songz go hard...T.I. da best

Diva4real's picture

I have this as my ringtone because that is what I do is Get Back Up when dark times arrive!!!!

jay nike's picture

Great song. I didn't know if you would top Live Your Life when it came to a mainstream joint that just gave you that feel but this may be it.

Rubba Band Man's picture

Great song. Makes me want the album even more

Shy.G.'s picture

I just found my new favorite song. Great job gentlemen.