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No Mercy

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October 18, 2010
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you goat a great one just long as i heard it . thank you so to for doing so


you know what is funnier keeping you their


have fun in dors house . you know what fab it has a good day it seems to me just to keep you around the realest .


you need to do what you want to do

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cant waite for this album to be out. every album has a song that realley uplifts and conects with me from Im Serious "still aint forgave myself" "What Happend", Trap Muzic "Be better than me ", Urban Legend "Motivation" "Prayin for help". King "Live in the sky", T.I. vs T.I.P. "My Type",Paper Trail" No Matter What", You Aint Missin Nothin and now wit NO MERCEY "Get Back Up" he truley is what he says he is DA KING.

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cant put into words how i actually feel about this album, its going to be insane! what i think you have done, been through and overcome is truely sensational. you are a genius...

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I cant wait till No Mercy!!!!!! I like dat song you got with Christina Aguilera its hot!!! keep it up

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Never back down. love your lyrics, to real and true. You are the modern 2Pac, dats wat I tell my Like great Shakur once said, "I'm not saying I will change the world, but I will spark a mind."

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will t.i. get out early

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I don't care what its called or when its released its going to be the greatest! can always bring me up when i'm down... the MI concert was the shit...pleasee come back!! Hope i got the $ to buy the new cd....its going to be genius..loveya

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Y'all are trippen, He's back in Prison so he can't call it King Uncaged. He was going to release it in August but then moves it to September cus his movie takers was coming out and he wanted time for both.

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Don't ship to norway, damn!

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"I Can't Help It" is amazing!

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Get back us is amazing :)

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@THECHOZENONE1 this album got pushed back becuz he is in prison nd he had to change the name to mercy
its not king uncaged anymore
the final date for this album is december 7th
if i were u ill but it
plus i already did i pre oredered it
he hsays its gonna be his best wrk yet
nd i beleive him

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not sure if im gonna even buy it anymore

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wtf is going on i thought this album was called king uncaged and was supposed to be out in september now i find out december and he has changed the name or is it a whole new album or what?? this is the worst drop of any of his albums cmon tip drop this shit already


i see 24 ordered off the top.Thats whats being said if love is real you have already order an have it on the way . Yes and do love to wait apon even got put out for getting it.Oh its all good the grands do not turn their backs apon you just dont make it seem like your stabbing them in the back.grands no at all i love you both with all my heart an Thanks for forgiving me. Big Shot Out To The Alexander grandest team.Love all day from the Trapmuzik Team.Clifford J.Harris love you top the day i carry on to the after life i will make sure if i get their first to make it be none that i need you to sit beside me .i mean they are attached


The god honest truth


you are so true life is not easy


been trying to get here althought that twitter was not working for me i still found my way to my greatest of all time sunny day still not going to give in.When you get here i have no problem bowing to you in my greattest mind why i wouldnt . you have not done not one thing to make not love you strong as i ever can an ever have to the day i will still take you in my soul. i truely love you you are my biggest love since the day

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i can't stop bumpin dis shit


always will i refuse to fall. i will hold it down for you


love you

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I like this song new shi....................

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I love this song.

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T.I. can smash weezy any day wayne is gud at wat he does but he ain't betta then da king n i can tell u why cuz..................DIS DA KING BITCH

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i luv dis new joint

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RA4 True That!!

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there's a reason he call's himself THE KING OF THE SOUTH.He know's all the artist in the south ain't like he from somewhere's common sense,if he can call himself that,there's obviously something he is doing that makes him stand out.if he was some clown and still called himself that i'm sure nobody would be bitchin,cause when they ain't hating,you ain't doing anything.allow me to say this,if T.I died,i'm sure everybody would be saying he was truly the king.why don't they just put the pride aside and let him know while he lives..!!!!!