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No Mercy

Average: 4.8 (104 votes)
Release date: 
October 18, 2010
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jay nike's picture

Too many features and the wrong one's at that. Eminem is wack

Your Love's picture

People you better be at those music stores early, because it's gonna be crowded as hell on December 7th!!!!!!

D-man3's picture

Now thats gonna shoot up the charts, can't wait for the rest of the album to be released !!

juan pablo's picture

T.I the King ft Eminem, good

Big T's picture

t.i. is too amazing
when this album drops he gonna be on the top of charts again !
much respect for the KING
gonna love this album

t.i. allday's picture

all she wrote go

D_r_e_a_m*BIG's picture

I respect and lookup to you so muchh! cant wait for the new album :)

+. Jenche .+'s picture

I agree with U.. & he will stay the best!!

Jakob's picture

T.I. is gonna sell to #1 from prison

T.I. the best rapper in the world!

ra4's picture

nuh....lil wayne is diverse...he has something no other rapper has.he makes rap look like breakfast in the morning....lil wayne is cool.REAL TALK!

tikes's picture

track m9aweed

tikes's picture

track m9aweed

Omari Chambers's picture

best rapper nuff said, No mercy come out thats gonna be it. leh do it leh go!

trinidarki's picture

T.I. is #1........They cant touch you..........

t.i. allday's picture

i think t.i. and lil wayne should tour together

Yasier Jesire's picture

Yeah!!! T.I. is the King of the Street always

Amrit!'s picture

Fuck haters =D x

KingZ's picture

heyz got this sh** on Lock Down now and i bety he wont stop now!!!! SouthSideKingZ

juan pablo's picture

Is the King

Pherreira's picture

Back Of The True

raven's picture

hot shit!!! Keep it coming T.I.

LLOYD_2's picture

coolest ever!!!!!!!!!

Lisa_3's picture

This is really the best album EVER! AMAZING! ((:

queen_chy's picture

both songz are great cant wait till dec 7th

KingZ's picture

so true i cant wait anymore

*King A*'s picture

Shit i know dec 7th is coming by really slow, but the wait will be worth it t.i.p. never disapoints

Big T's picture

dec 7th is taking forver man :(
i cant wait for it !!

mastaboy15's picture

BEST ALBUM great work t.i.p good luck with the album

wmuzik aka wil's picture

his new song with jazmine sullivan, dying in your arms , that song Go's Hard!

Kevan's picture

I can't help it, Go Hard! "I let this nut get all over her" Hahaha. F****** Funny!