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T.I. vs T.I.P.

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July 3, 2007
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your ABLE


One of a kind
one my mind
they are gonna need a alibi

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t.i vs. t.i.p classic u know what it is lol! its the king B!T@H

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this cd saved me. its all the people heard when they were tryna listen to me. few songs also hit home like none other. & yeah if the nigga under me wants all that i want some dr. dre studio headphones, now that the heats gone, lemmme turn up da beat in my headphones.

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i need to hang out with ti at the courtside and win 5 gran and party in the vip room, hotel, headphones, and autograph many more.

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TM2 - Trap Muzik 2: Trouble Man

Thats what T.I. should call his upcoming album

Ya heard that?!!!! T.I. Grand hustle Atlantic Records take notes:::::::::::::::

TM2 - Trap Muzik Vol. 2: Trouble Man

2012 take that shit back to the days of 2003

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This isz mii favorite album from clifford.!
T.I.P. should of won instead of T.I.

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you are di best T.I

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- Mane Ion Care How Old T.I SOngs Iz All Of 'em Go Hard
And Ion Care Wat NoBody Say......
#Team' OnGod

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ti is a american gangster

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TIP went ham on dis album

sid12 T.IvsTIP's picture

TI Vs TIP Really hard gangsters Ti bussnies man Tip w3ho is going to win the battle or who is hurt Ti bitches

T.I.P_2's picture

ACT I : T.I.P intro
Big Thang Poppin : International motivation song
Raw : You dont fuck with TIP
You know what it is : Haha he a bad ass arogant mother fucker
Da dopeman : Real talk homie he ran the city
Watch what you say to me : He a G to the death better watch you mouth
Hurt : Damn ... this nigga aint kindding man
Act II : T.I Intro
Help is coming : Never give up
My Swag : You cant compare t.i. to nobody ... why ? Cuz of HIS swag
We do this : He do it better then you ... in fact twice as fly
Show it to me : Lady you know who the KING
Dont you wanna be high : smoking blunt with t.i. ? ANYTIME
Touchdown: All he do is WIN
Act III : T.I. VS T.I.P
Tell em i said that : He scared of no one ... real talk homie
Respect this hustle : Grand Hustle You better respect that patna
My Type : We will miss that nigga when he will be out of the game

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Hhaha ... this is where the story of T.I. Against T.I.P character really took place ... im sure that ANY real TIP fan could tell you that when this shit went out ... the first thang you had to do was ligthing your blunt and let the whole T.I.P BadMan nigga fucking with the T.I. hollywood ass story take you to the heart of his personnality and share you all the emotion both of his side can offer you.... Long live to both of them

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Stephanie Harris's picture

big things poppin(do it)...tha ultimate motivational song..GRAND HUSTLE 4 LIFE!!!!

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Great Album

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i still love dis album and i always will

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still jammin to ur rhyme it ain't poppin like dat 4 me anymore..ur music lives on KING

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I LOVE YOU T.I......BIG THINGS POPPIN IS A GREAT SONG!!! it's good 4 workin out!

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i love this album

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should have sold 3 mill in a day

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now thats what am talkin' about keep it up my king

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this is a alot words playing and you kill ti and you some way you and like to say told but and you put best 2 of the best on this track and put jayz and you on thi s will alway hot hot trackand great stuff just the great words play

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You're the god of rap!!

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i can't say that i could understand what your life is like after listening to this album cause my life ain't yours but what i respect and i could understand is all the lyrics in each song that you recorded on this album.

- i respect you man .. keep ya head up!

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this is one of the best cds ever

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I luv this cd

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these are the hotest song okay