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    Started by snowpixie

    i had know idea where to put the book request... i put mine under the book ...T.I if u see this please look there :)

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    Started by red1218
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    Started by MzLovely1


    Since Tip is so serious about making this book very inspiring lets all give feedback and show love & support!Tip plz stop by this discussion ur fans love & support U   ---Supporters lets all give feedback and keep it 100% in this discussion and let Tip know he is appreciated... show love on Twitter / fb ect... Remember Reading is the key to great things! Knowlege is Power & Beauty of Life is priceless!

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    Started by Delance

    macon georgia law enforcement,prosecuting attorney, governmnetal agency, judge's, and more ya'll fucked ya'll self up!Remember ya'll can't arrest me for internet crimes because I haven't been committing any !The other thing is ya'll dummies been kidnapping me and mines and more!The Statute of limitation to prosecute the law enforcement, prosecuting attorney, governmnetal agency, judges, and more isn't even running in fact it hasn't ever been running.Capital Offenses Punishable death don't have No statute of Limitation!All of there pastor's and congregation's are anti-christ and hypocrites ask

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    Started by Lloyd

    Hip Hop 4erevr

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