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    Started by Delance
    Invalid email
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    Started by sophie

    just feel soo bored :(

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    Started by Delance

    I have to say it doesn't makes sense to committ Genocide -Terrorism-Breach of Peace -and more ,but falsely accusse the victims and just sense less!
    Since the Book of Psalms /King David didn't ever have to put up with Virgini daughter Babylon and crap!I guess they're mad because they can't be KINg David and read out of the book of Psalms!
    I just saying check it out!The difference between Isaiah,Man Child, and King David!Macon Ga.
    1.King Saul went to see the witch to raise Samuel from the dead!I only do Virtous Wives LORD fearing women  so its not me and mines!

    1 Samuel 28
    New King James Version

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    Started by Delance

    I already know its NO Statute of Limitation!The trap they laid for me and mines !It turned out to be a blessing in disgusie for me and mines!Capital Offenses Punishable by death -Fugitives From Justice-O.C.G.A.17-3-2 = No Statute of Limiation!I went ahead and mailed everything to National Whistle Blower so Macon Ga. can't mention Grandhustle but we can mention how they violated Oath of office and immunity and working with the law enforcement-prosecuting attorney and jduges-governmnetal agency!What I look being in a Gang and Organization when I had some  Crip dope boyz from Grosso Ave.

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    Started by dakyrak

    Please visit this site and vote for my design with the #516 and a writing "Unite against the abuse of women and girls". i know this isn't the right place but i need your help and votes.

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