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    Started by ashley grace

    Why choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

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    Started by angel_2

    yo i think that t.i.  will do just fine when he gets out in september. i think people should just let him be u know. cant no one walk in his shoes, the king has had a rough few years in his life,hell who hasnt but he still keeps his head up high,and he faces all of this and does his time like a man. one thing for t.i. is the best rapper out there today.

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  • seanakoo's picture
    Started by seanakoo

    how come it never been released

    I'm in a jet black camaro with my eyes on the sparrowThey say I can't have no pistol so I bought a bow and arrow ?

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  • lil eel's picture
    Started by lil eel

    hey how is goin T.I.

    nice ro meet you my name is gene

    no homo but you are always so fly

    and always stay with money a.k.a. green

    the coolest part is you dont even try

    all you have to do is show up on scene

    and be the stand up guy

    cant tell behind closed doors but i feel your not mean

    you motivation aborbs fan than bounty absorbs water which is 2 ply

    i liked your music since i became a teen

    id like to fly in your first class jet and "live in the sky"

    of course id like to join your team

    some lyrics you include GOD, so "WE" know him we cant deny

    struggles it never goes away it seems

    but JESUS to

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  • seanakoo's picture
    Started by seanakoo

    when does tip get released from prison.  in desprate need for him to bring new shit out..

    o n any ya'll  t.i  ya hear me  .. it sick

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