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  • Biggsallday's picture
    Started by Biggsallday

    Just putting it out there that im new to this site but not to this trapmuzic ish! I am a big T.I.P fan, So anybody that want to connect with me on here just hit me up anytime. 1

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  • bouhoute's picture
    Started by bouhoute
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  • lil eel's picture
    Started by lil eel

    i like my beat down low

    and my top laid back

    chillin with T.I. my bro

    yes i am white and he is black

    but doesnt matter cause he is cool ya know

    that is not an opinion but a fact

    so yall haterz need to go

    cause your face so far in ill pack

    and make ya minds become slow

    so for goodness sake please just cut T.I. some slack

    and just watch his fame and fortune grow

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  • A.Smith's picture
    Started by A.Smith

    Hi I am Acelynn Smith. I am unable to add phtos of my self for some reason.... But what I would like to say is that I am new here and I am looking for someone to talk to when I am logged on. Any one is welcome to talk to me... Male, Female, Young, Old, Black, White, whatever you are into I might be able to relate!!! So yes... I will talk to you! :)

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  • teddyruckspin's picture
    Started by teddyruckspin

    I just dropped this blend of T.I. over a vintage Kanye beat. It also features vocals from Pac Div, Styles P and NY artist Gist The Essence. Here's the link if you want to take a listen:

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