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  • GrandHustle_TI's picture
    Started by GrandHustle_TI

    After T.I. Is Released In September, Do You Think He Will Keep His Nose Clean And Keep Out Of Trouble?

    Whats Your Opinion?

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    Last reply: 2 years 8 months ago
  • Mellz's picture
    Started by Mellz

    its a known fact that t.i is the urban king and no man can overrule that its a done deal!!! but then again he is a man and man have mistakes, so does t.i! but u find that the media bad mouths t.i.p as if he is not supposed to make mistakes!!! i gat t.i's back whenever he falls down i will stand up nd try to pull him up!! and i know u guys are with so tel me how u feel bwt the justise offered to the King!!!!!

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    Last reply: 3 years 3 months ago
  • jessil's picture
    Started by jessil

    why this morons alway tryin their best to lay my boy T.I. spirit down by sending him back to prison with unnecessary thangs hoe?

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    Last reply: 3 years 4 months ago
  • Ugly wanna be bitch's picture
    Started by Ugly wanna be bitch

    I am a "new kid" on here. Everything is nice and all but, the problem is I don't have friends, people to talk to. I mean, come on now. I can get horny, sweet, and whatever but I just need someone to talk to.

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  • R-uler's picture
    Started by R-uler

    Will T.I. be on Dre's albumn? Loads of rumours about it . And with what for songs ?
    I would liek to see that collaboration

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    Last reply: 3 years 4 months ago


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