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    Started by Delance

    Thank God first and foremost!The strong pitch is for Macon,Ga their the only ones facing any State and Federal Charges due to testiomony immunity and other types of immunity!They also failed to investigate any accusations from 2007 until now which all on the Emergency Management, Emergency Response Providers and their employees and others . What!I'm nobody's fool nor dummy to do their job is Terrorism.I'm not licensed yet I don't go to college until and I didn't ever say publicily I would do it myself, so much for they muthafuckin minds games . They seen and read every computer comment from

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    Started by Josh (KiDD Flas...

    hit me up oovoo kiddflash06 & skype evokidd2

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    Started by Gansta Marcus N...

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    Started by DECKO KEITH

    any gay or bisexual male or females out there come here and sign in wit yo boi.

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    Last reply: 3 years 11 months ago
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    Started by MissLady101

    I think it's a wonderful thing they both decided to finally become as "one." It's a beautiful thing for them and their family. Tiny has never left his side, and is a true and strong wife now for Tip. She is truely his backbone.

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