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    Started by Melbx

    A couple of the Grandhustle members are already following it

    Would love if you all would follow as well


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    Started by susancg04

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    Started by vanib93

    T.I.’s Takers Hits Theaters – August, 20



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    Started by yourmomisaball

    i need help on finding out when the song im back by ti was released for the first time please comment.

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    Started by BabyImmaStar

    July XXL Magazine issue of Clifford Joseph Harris who is known as Rap star T.I. After fans witnessing T.I. buying machine guns ; serving a year and  day in prsion. Having #1 album before doing time Paper Trail set a veiw on TI's different mindset. As fans we see him cool , laid back , and agreesive in his hard raspy rhymes and when listening to THE KING OF THE SOUTH we known he's just doing his thang.

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