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  • Champ " Getem"'s picture
    Started by Champ " Getem"

    how does a upcoming artist get to speak to t.i. on a personal level? guess its really bout who you know and not about the talent sounds like im screwwed cause i dont know anyone..

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  • AMBER RENE''s picture
    Started by AMBER RENE'

    I'm an 18 year old female R&B artist' I CAN SING, DANCE and ACT'

    You can hear my songs on the below website. (Serious inquiries for label consideration only).   

    contact my manager'
    calvin, 559 276 1737'

    P.S. 'I,m willing to do, an AUDITION, for your company, or label'

    Thank You, So Very Much'


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    Started by M.Z.

    A genuine, true couple doing their best.  Supporting each other and raising a family.  Taking care of their loved ones and each other.  Fame, whatever.  Money, whatever.  The truth in the matter is that these two are making it (real life relationships) look possible.  Hard work, humility, and strength is what these two show me every time I see them on television or in a photo.  They show us that there's more to the industry than the image.  There's work...

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    By the way I love the new site!  

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  • Started by Jamil

    Yo! If your a fan of T.I. sign this! Show the man some love ladies and for my homies out there show him some respect. The KING is BACK!


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    Started by TRILLAZ


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