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    This description dowg

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    Started by k. Mac

    TI, I have watched your career grow and flourish. You married a beautiful woman and togeher, blended ot not, you hahve a wonderful family. I have a son he says TI is the man, he makes your ears pop! You are his boy, the man he wants to be like and I just scream!! I tell him when you leave that stage, you go home to the same things most normal people do. (house, wife, kids, disciplining) and last but not least, spending quality time when them before you are once again called away.

    My son is now incarcerated in Kenedy,TX and has a 15 month old son he's never held.

    I know you are only one man

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    Today, we focus on a talented 22 year old rap artist named Yung Quis from Detroit,Michigan.  Independently working under his own label (Hustle Muzik Entertainment) he has been smashing the underground hip hop world for the past few years.  Currently working on his latest project "BASS" (Book And Street Smartz), he expands his career in ways no other artist his age ever has.

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    Started by artful

    Ti need to do a New Years party in the A 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

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