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    Started by Delance

    I'm just saying the entire time they were lying,committing perjury up under oath, false and fabricated reports,failure to investigate,medical malipractice,fradulent medical records,criminal defamation,violating O.C.G.A.17-3-2, violating the U.S.C.42 1983 claim,vilaying the United States Constitution,and more,and fighting againstthe LORD thy God and Jesus is LORD in Macon Ga.!I was counting my blessings'!The way I see it could have been worse for me .I'm just thankful God already had everything worked out for us!I've been using State of the Georgia owned computer's because making making false

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    Started by Reddawgdead

    I heard this rad and really liked it. It is a very heartfelt rap about TI's Homie getting killed. It is real and raw. I believe it was on aq tupac album and before Big was killed.

    Can anyone find it?


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    Started by snowpixie

    i was just wondering has the king chosen people for the sighned copies of his book yet? love to hear from someone soon :)

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    Started by Gansta Marcus N...

    That's right, but not on behalf of David Banner. I'm speaking on thebehalf of the new talent coming out of the Delta of Mississippi. Rap artist SIP HOP is making a name for himself in the underground industry. He released his second entiled "Mississippi Time To Shine". Hear it on youtube today

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    Started by Delance

      Part 1!Surveillance

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    A 'nest' of surveillance cameras at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts

    Surveillance (play /s?r?ve?.?ns/ or /s?r?ve?l?ns/)[1] is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people. It is sometimes done in a surreptitious manner. It most usually refers to observation of individuals or groups by government organizations, but disease surveillance, for example, is monitoring the progress of a disease

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