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  • Diva4real's picture
    Started by Diva4real

    What is going on with the T.I chat...... I would always comment on it and now it is not working????? I want to show my love and chat with T.I.....

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    Started by Recie

    Oh my, T.I., I know there's a lot of people who claim to be your biggest fan. I do believe I'm the biggest though. I would do anything for a signed copy of your book. Some people are fans like, ''Oh I like his music'', ''Wow, I saw him in those movies and he was great'' but me, I'm a true fan. Some gave up when you went through hard times. Real fans should be loyal, like a husband, wife or a bestfriend. A true fan is not a fan just because your cute or you rock the hottest gear (AKOO),.

    Why am I a true fan?

    • Your music has been hot from day one.
    • Your a great performer.
    • I can tell your one of
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  • Recie's picture
    Started by Recie

    We all know T.I. is a extremly busy man. He's just coming home and Baltimore fans want to welcome him back. Baltimore fans on the website, How bad do you want to see this amazing artist? I know I'm praying for that day.

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  • NatB/ADV/SWATTs/ATL's picture
    Started by NatB/ADV/SWATTs/ATL

    Hey Tip! First of all, thank you for being an inspiration to me! I am from the west-side of the ATL' & I am an Epilepsy Advocate.  I help those out there who are just like me!  I know that your book will be encouraging & inspiring to many.  I am one of your biggest fans here in ATLanta & I have always had you in my prayers during the midst of everything...because I've been in your shoes. 

    My foudation, Angels Of Epilepsy, is celebrating Epilepsy Month In November & I would love to give your book to a patient!  Our 3rd Annual Foundation Awareness Gathering will be held on Sat. Nov.

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  • cblake123456's picture
    Started by cblake123456

    plz come down here big fan your my favorite rapper all day i have family in atl my brother say you did a song about his family i want that book and a sign plz let me be the one big fan i been trying to get your attendant for the longer plz respond back to me plz come to SC North Charleston plz we don't have that much people who come down here special who from down here don't rep our state and we don't have people suppose our city if you come down here you would put a smile on our faces  plz  plz plz plz come down here
    Your Bigger Fan/ Talk About You A Lot
    Calvin Blake PLZ Repond Back I would

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