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  • cblake123456's picture
    Started by cblake123456

    plz come down here big fan your my favorite rapper all day i have family in atl my brother say you did a song about his family i want that book and a sign plz let me be the one big fan i been trying to get your attendant for the longer plz respond back to me plz come to SC North Charleston plz we don't have that much people who come down here special who from down here don't rep our state and we don't have people suppose our city if you come down here you would put a smile on our faces  plz  plz plz plz come down here
    Your Bigger Fan/ Talk About You A Lot
    Calvin Blake PLZ Repond Back I would

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  • T.i.FaN2011forever's picture
    Started by T.i.FaN2011forever

    Whats Happing Partner T.i. i am a huge Fan of your music i been listning since you dropped your albumb im serious

    i've collected all ur cds trap muzik , urban legend ,king , t.i. vs t.i.p no mercey, the journey , paper trail all that

    i support grand hustle and i wont stop,anoter reason why im writing is for feedback and to get a book from ya

    one good reason why is because i love reading nothing is better than reading i hope u pick me to get a signed cop of your book t.i. thank your for making good music your the best sincerly Michael From boston

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  • bigdiezel's picture
    Started by bigdiezel

    I understand T.I. and Eminem got together and produced to song "touchdown" a few years back but i just think its time for something new now that he is back for good and all.

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  • kilo90's picture
    Started by kilo90

    T.I. I'm greatly inspired by your music and think it would be awsome to get your book from u and keep getting inspired i always can relate to your music

    King Back



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  • Cre8ivezbitch's picture
    Started by Cre8ivezbitch

    First of all, I'd love to say an early Happy Birthday to T.I and congratulations on the book! I personally cannot wait to read it. I will be first in line to buy it on the day it comes out. Since T.I did not have a chance to finish up any questions because there were so many of them, let's create a thread where we can ask him the questions about the book that we are dying to know the answers to!

    I have a few.

    1. What inspired you to write this book?

    2. If someone asked you 10 years ago that you would be an author of a book, would you have believed him?

    3. Is the book based on true events

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