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Are you bad?

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on August 13, 2010 - 10:16pm

I heard that T.I. was conducting showcase performances looking for a new artist. I am a female. I can sing and dance at the same time, I look good, my body is real, I'm educated and I love music. If all goes well I'll be performing if he still wants an artist Oct 1st (the first Monday). Perfection requires time. I just graduated so I haven't committed to the project as much as I need to so thats why the two months. I sat in on these losers with their pants hanging down cursing and yelling while the female artists were talking about what they can do in bed. I'm good on all of that. My question is how bad are you? If you are bad then perform the day that I do according to these guidelines, no cursing, broken english, derogatory language, and let the contents of your music work. Set the standard. Thats my plan. Other losers try again next month this is for the real artists. All you guys did was waste time and make noise. If you're bad which I think I am then I should have a breath taking performance and either get signed or win my studio time. I believe I'm the best. I'll sit the dudes down and the chics. I will stand...alone. If T.I. is done by then with his've been saved. I'll go through another artist. I chose him because he reminds me of me. Soldier. Show up and show out. If you're a wall holder just show up and I'll show out.....ZONE 3 style.

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Oh Lord!! you must be one of bad they are not losers they are suckers:-) If the shoe fits just wear it stop being sensitive. HUMILIY? I sat there and watched these dudes who didn't shave, had their fat butt sticking out of there pants yelling and cursing...RESPECT Its earned and given and those that don't have it most likely won't get it...REGARD regard what?? Love? Love? I'm not rich I work a nine to five, volunteer everytime I get, mentor, and its for free and I won't take a dime for it. Dude!!! Grand Plan?? I didn't say that day would be my "grand" plan. Everyone is so quick to say what they are, I say prove it. Are you bad? That simple. Sounds like you are sensitive.

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You Know....Man! U are in no position to refer to other people as LOSERS!
Kinda Funny...... Ur all about setting a Standard "no cursing, broken english, derogatory language"
That is ur plan? I gather......
Well.....include ..... HUMILITY........RESPECT......REGARD.....LOVE ur Grand Plan. Never start out..... lookin' down at friend.